Jobvite delivers a great candidate, recruiter, and hiring manager experience.

Jobvite has taken us to another level.
Vilma Saraza-Reduta
Head of Talent Acquisition, Americas & India, Logitech

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Jobvite has taken us to another level.
Vilma Saraza-Reduta
Head of Talent Acquisition, Americas & India, Logitech

The First Continuous Candidate Engagement Platform That Engages Candidates from First Look to First Day

In a world with nearly perfect employment that puts candidates in control, traditional recruiting solutions that focus primarily on administrative efficiency, and rely on a “post-and-pray” approaches, will inevitably fall short.

Modern recruiting must go further because candidate engagement starts from the first look at your career website to the first day on the job. We call it a Continuous Candidate Engagement strategy.

Jobvite is the first recruiting platform that spans the entire candidate journey, from recruitment marketing to the hiring experience to new hire engagement.

The best part? You can start where you are and we’ll help you every step of the way.

Jobvite Customers See Higher ROI

Better Candidates18%increase in
referral hiring1
Faster27%faster time-to-hire2At a Lower Cost30%lower candidate
acquisition cost3


Jobvite Hire (ATS)

Is your current ATS making you crazy? Recruit and hire more effectively with a candidate-centric Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that automates the boring stuff so that you can focus on what’s most important—candidates and hiring managers.

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Jobvite Engage

Are your talent pools still on spreadsheets? Tap into your own pools of passive talent to recruit for hard-to-fill positions, diversity hires, and college students by creating segmented talent pools and nurturing them with targeted branded email and social campaigns.

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Jobvite Onboard

Does onboarding feel like a toothache? Craft a great new hire experience with a mobile-friendly onboarding portal that helps them get productive quickly while streamlining the internal process, keeping everyone on track, and managing compliance.

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Jobvite Brand

Does your career website need a makeover? Make a great first impression with an employer brand that authentically expresses your culture, your vision, and inspires both active and passive candidates to apply for an open position or sign up for job alerts.

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Jobvite Video

Are you tired of endless phone screens? With hundreds of candidates, you need a better way to quickly reject unqualified talent and zero in on the candidates who have what it takes. On-demand video screening saves you hours of phone screens and scheduling.

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Mobile Hiring Team App

Are hiring teams slowing you down? This app, available in both iOS and Android, lets them review candidates, submit interview feedback, inform interview teams of scheduling updates, and collaborate with the rest of the hiring team.

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Jobvite Text

Are you struggling to connect with busy candidates? With the current competitive talent market, texting your passive and active candidates not only increases your response rates, it can dramatically speed up your overall Time to Fill.

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1 Jobvite database, 2011-2015
2 Jobvite database, 2011-2015
3 Independent third party study conducted in April, 2015

The Jobvite Funnel

Jobvite’s Recruiting Funnel is a framework for the entire recruiting process to create a never-ending pipeline of candidates so you can find the right people for the right jobs in your company. The five steps of the recruiting funnel are branding, nurturing, sourcing, hiring, and onboarding. And of course, delivering an exceptional candidate experience while measuring success at each stage happens throughout the entire process. In each of these steps, you are engaging with talent to build relationships and networks that will help you to better source, identify, and hire the best candidates.

The Jobvite Platform spans the entire recruiting platform–from tip to tail–making it the only best-of-breed recruiting software in the industry that was purpose-built on one, unified solution.

To get the latest best practices, tips, and tricks for every stage of the recruiting funnel, check out our Resources.


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Continuous Candidate Engagement

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