Intelligent Messaging

Connect with candidates via text

Modern recruiting depends on creating a highly personalized experience for candidates while using smart technology and automation to ease the burden for recruiters. Built specifically for the unique needs of TA and seamlessly integrated into all Jobvite solutions, Intelligent Messaging makes it easy for teams to organize, share, track, and automate text conversations.

Being able to text message my candidate is gold. It helps me stay connected to them and if they need me they can also text me.

photo of violetta ayala

Violetta A
Sr.TA Full Cycle Recruiter at Utah Transit Authority

Accelerate hiring

  • Jobvite makes it easy for recruiters to provide a text-based application process
  • Text has unmatched response rates, which helps recruiters attract larger talent pools and keep that talent engaged
  • Jobvite textbots automate screening, letting you screen candidates even when your recruiters are off the clock
  • Average response times for texts are 90 seconds, much faster than other channels like email


Jobvite Chatbot screenshot

Free your recruiters

  • Textbots can answer common questions and even screen candidates
  • Recruiters can seamlessly transition conversations from their computer to their mobile device and back
  • Personalized texts enable you to reach thousands of candidates quickly while spinning off responses into individual conversations with recruiters

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Text to Apply

  • Candidates can quickly and easily apply by texting your shortcode phone number; Jobvite will parse their resume data into their candidate record
  • Texting lets candidates reply to recruiters discreetly from any location at the time most convenient for them
  • 60% of job seekers who received a text message after applying for a job preferred this type of communication over email or phone call



Automate compliance

  • View an audit trail and log of all text conversations with candidates
  • Provide text templates and a library of shareable documents to ensure consistent communication
  • Recruiters can view and pick up their team member’s text threads so conversations never get dropped

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