Jobvite Onboard Onboarding Can Make or Break a ‘First Day’ Experience

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Make it Great for Both Candidates and Your Team with Jobvite Onboard

A bad first day can result in candidates walking out the door and then you’re back to square one, recruiting for a replacement. Don’t let that happen. With Jobvite Onboard, candidates have a personal onboarding portal that makes the entire process easy, efficient, and totally digital. Getting new hires productive quickly has never been easier.

Transition Candidates Seamlessly
When you’re in Jobvite Hire, onboarding just becomes the next step in your workflow. For candidates, the experience is seamless and for you, there’s no need to spend money on complex integrations and ongoing maintenance.

Centralize all Onboarding Activity
Having all tasks centralized creates accountability. Assign tasks, set deadlines, create alerts, and track the progress of any and all onboarding activities. Manage tasks for both new hires and internal teams (i.e. IT setup) and say goodbye to disconnected email threads and spreadsheets.

Go Paperless
Employee onboarding forms—including standard HR forms and employee verification forms, such as tax withholding forms—can be completed digitally, eliminating redundant data entry and paper filing.

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We Live in a Digital World, So Your Onboarding Forms Should Be Also

Instead of a huge stack of endless paperwork, give new employees their personalized onboarding portal where they can zip through their tasks and ramp quickly. You can even set it up and give them access before their first day, so that they have a head start on the process.

  • Mobile-optimized new hire portals and workflows enable you to easily build and tailor the new hire experience according to their location or team
  • In-task communication allows new hires to send a message to the appropriate person with questions, right from inside the portal

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Make Your Onboarding Process a Transparent, Efficient, Well-Oiled Machine

With fully customizable workflows, with task dependencies, everyone involved with the onboarding process—from making sure a computer is available on the new hire’s first day to making sure there’s space in new hire training—is fully informed and understands what needs to get done by when.

  • Extensive forms library serves up the most common forms your new hires need to get started without a hitch
  • Configurable onboarding workflows enable you to serve up relevant onboarding tasks, assign task owners, and deploy onboarding processes with a single click
  • Unlimited new hire workflows allow you to simply tailor each experience for various types of hires

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Get Ahead of the Game in Compliance Management

Managing compliance is intimidating since mistakes can bring real costs to the business. Jobvite eases the compliance burden with automation and pre-packaged forms so you can focus on providing a great new hire experience.

  • State tax withholding forms automatically surface in the workflow based on the new hire’s location
  • Enterprise-grade security features keep all personally identifiable data secure, so you can rest easy
  • Form I-9 built natively within the system to automate preparation, signing, management, and auditing

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Give Visibility where Needed Without Adding Complexity

Is your onboarding process a “black box” where hiring managers don’t know what’s going on with their new hires and there is no overall visibility to the program’s efficiency? Jobvite makes it easy to give anyone visibility to monitor task completion and report on progress.

  • “Watchers” functionality grants visibility to the appropriate people for each step of the new hire’s onboarding process
  • Alerts and reminders ensure relevant employees complete tasks and provide the new hire with everything he or she needs for success
  • Tracking and insights help all employees involved to track progress and stay in-the-know

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Jobvite Reporting & Analytics

You don’t have to be a numbers wizard or a data scientist to glean insights from Jobvite. We allow you to see actionable analytics throughout the Platform, but you often want to take a deeper dive to find out where your efforts are succeeding and where you could improve your processes. That’s where Jobvite’s Reporting and Analytics capabilities come in. You will be empowered to make informed decisions and improve your recruiting performance—without leaving the Jobvite Platform.

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