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It’s Time To Start Engaging Candidates in Real-Time Conversations

Jobvite Text allows recruiters to engage candidates wherever and whenever. In today’s fierce talent market, recruiters need new, innovative tools to talk to candidates where they’re already researching and applying for jobs, on their phones.

With the highest read and response rates, texting offers recruiters an incredible way to reach and connect with candidates in real time and engage in conversations that matter.

Work Faster and Smarter to Reduce Time-to-Fill
Save hundreds of hours filtering through candidates with an automated AI-Powered chatbot, so you can spend your time engaging in conversations with qualified candidates. Leverage a library of quality questions and resources in the database to establish consistency across your team, while helping to initiate conversations strategically.

Start Conversations with Multiple Candidates, All at Once
Proactively reach out to passive candidates, start conversations post-career fairs — by the thousands. Start conversations with interested candidates, filter out unqualified candidates easily with an AI-powered chatbot, and move the top candidates along in the hiring process.

Reach Candidates Where They Are, in Real-Time
Nowadays, almost everyone has a phone within arms reach, so use that to your benefit. Initiate conversations like interview scheduling (or rescheduling) or first day logistics quicker than any email thread.

Track and Report Engagement Metrics on a Deeper Level
Track, manage, and review all text conversations directly in candidates’ Jobvite profiles, allowing your entire interview team access to the right information on your prospects. Even more powerful, report on recruiter’ and candidate engagement, including recruiter activity and hiring funnel metrics, along with a candidate’s engagement with resources shared and average response time.

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