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Jobvite Video Helps You Quickly Zero In on the Best Talent

Jobvite Video is an on-demand video screening tool that accelerates, enhances, and builds consistency in the applicant screening process. The only video interviewing solution built directly into an ATS, Jobvite Video makes the experience seamless and easy for recruiters, hiring teams, and candidates alike. Plus, it’s a great experience for candidates, too.

Make Decisions Faster
The hours of scheduling the first phone screen are painful. Connect with applicants faster by having candidates respond to your screener questions in a timed on-demand video recording. Flip through the videos in a few minutes, versus a full 30-minute screening call, and quickly determine the candidates that you want to follow-up with.

Save Money
By spending less time conducting phone screens—and more time finding quality candidates—you’ll cut down on the sheer number of candidates that you need to bring onsite before you find that perfect hire. And, even better, you’ll drastically reduce the amount of money spent on travel for out-of-town candidates that don’t work out.

Find Quality Candidates Quickly
Share candidates’ recorded responses with the broader hiring team and collectively weed out those who are not a great fit.

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This Isn’t Live Video Interviewing. It’s On-Demand Video Screening

Going back and forth trying to schedule a first phone screen is a waste of precious time. Instead, spend only a few minutes on each candidate so that you can focus on the ones that are most qualified.

  • On-demand video screening lets you watch candidate responses when it’s convenient for you and your team
  • Time-sensitive interview requests allow you to conduct asynchronous video interviews with candidates
  • Unlimited screening questions help you incorporate as many questions as you like to get the most important information from candidates or create questionnaires by role

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Video Screening is a Team Sport

Sometimes you need a second—or even a third—opinion. Get your entire hiring team involved in your screening decisions and let them view screening videos and contribute their thoughts on whether or not a candidate makes the cut.

  • Unlimited playback lets your hiring team watch each candidates’ video as many times as they like
  • Feedback requests help you gather feedback from any Jobvite user at your company, in just one click
  • Evaluation summaries collect everyone’s feedback on a specific candidate and give you one easy-to-read report

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Make Video Screening an Awesome Experience

Many of your candidates may not have done a video screen yet, but Jobvite makes the experience a great one. Right off the bat, we make them comfortable with these candidate-friendly features.

  • On-demand video screening gives candidates the flexibility to record their responses at the time and location that works best for them
  • A personalized experience is delivered to each candidate, including a personalized welcome message and landing pages
  • Unlimited practice sessions allow candidates to get comfortable with the process before they push the record button
  • Secure, web-based access to their interviews lets candidates review their past interviews and continue to hone their screening skills

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"Jobvite Video has allowed me to organize everything. The video does what a one-hour phone screening would do, but even better."

Scott Mitchell - Director of Production at American Wedding Group
Scott Mitchell
Director of Production, American Wedding Group

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