Jobvite Reporting & Analytics Actionable Reports at Your Fingertips

Track and Measure Hiring Success to Prove your Value

Generate status reports for your executives in a snap, quickly identify bottlenecks, and measure candidate engagement with our dynamic, robust reporting and analytics solution. Back up the success of your team with data and impress your leadership team.

Improve Recruiting Performance
Gain real-time visibility into the current state of your candidates and requisitions with actionable Dashboard Analytics. Dive deeper into your data with more than 50 standard out-of-box reports like time-to-fill, bottleneck, and source performance. Compare your performance to your peers with our company quarterly benchmark report.

Customize Your Data
Jobvite’s reports are so flexible that you can create your own custom reports in a format that works best for you and that reflects how your team works.

Build Reports with Ease
It’s easy to make your team look good. Just dynamically drag and drop a few columns and filters into your report builder to create the exact reports that you and your executives need.

Work Together
Collaborate, distribute, and schedule reports so that everyone stays up-to-date on the latest and greatest from your recruiting organization. Become the hero of your team by providing everyone with the most relevant and eye-opening metrics in the company.

Gain Real-time Visibility Into the Health of your Talent Acquisition

Jobvite Dashboard AnalyticsJobvite’s Dashboard Analytics is a real-time visualization of your candidate and requisition data.

  • Start with pre-built, customizable templates. Out-of-box, pre-built widgets give you a easy starting point. From there, customize for your personal view so you can focus in on the metrics that matter most to you.
  • Easily view hiring trends and spot bottlenecks. See what needs your attention with real-time visualization of your candidate and requisition data.
  • Take immediate action on the data. Click on interactive graphs to view the source data in Jobvite to take action.

Your Data is Talking to You. Are You Listening?

Build your own reports to showcase your data and identify actionable insights.

  • 50+ out-of-the-box reports let you analyze your data in a few clicks of a button
  • Custom reports allow you to manipulate pre-built reports and present the data in the way that makes sense for you and your team
  • In-product formatting & calculated fields enable you to perform advanced, Excel-like functions without ever having to leave Jobvite

Analytics Made Simple and So Easy to Use

As pretty as it is powerful, Jobvite’s reporting will encourage everyone to build reports relevant to their business function.

  • Quick-run features help you to create reports in a minute or less
  • Drag & drop report creation gives you the tools to intuitively format and filter data however you’d like
  • Interactive editor dynamically groups and formats your data to prepare for any meeting with ease

Get Everyone on the Same Page, Literally

Share and schedule reports to make your meetings more effective and educate your teams.

  • Report scheduling allows you to automatically generate and distribute those critical reports in a “set-it-and-forget-it” way
  • Report collaboration enables anyone you choose to save a version of your report with your edits so everyone is on the same page
  • Field-level security lets you rest assured that all your data remains with the right people on a “need-to-know” basis

"Jobvite is the one tool that allows us to quantify our success and provide the crucial metrics that help us to continue improving."

Terri Souder-Basa, Talent Manager at Pactiv
Terri Souder-Basa
Talent Manager, Pactiv

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