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Infographic: 2020 Job Seeker Nation – Targeted Audience PlanningThe 2020 Jobvite Job Seeker Nation Report helped you better understand today's candidates, what's most important to them, and how you can deliver the personalized content at the right time through their preferred channels. This infographic shows some of the insights from this year’s report that can help you build your audiences and hire the right candidates for your organization.Read More
Infographic: Diversity Hiring 101: The BasicsWorkplace diversity strengthens organizational performance, drives greater innovation, and creates a more trusted employer brand. This infographic goes over the basics of implementing a strong D&I strategy at your organization, with tips on attracting and engaging a more diverse audience. Download Now
Infographic: 2020 Job Seeker Nation SurveyLearn how employers, recruiters, and talent acquisition leaders can help job seekers in a post-COVID world. This infographic illustrates just how much the last couple of months have affected job seekers. Now remote work is more important than ever, and you must find new ways to engage, acknowledge, and promote your best employees.Read More
Infographic: 4 Tips to Transform Recruiting into a Strategic FunctionThis infographic, created in partnership with IDC shows teams how to use technology to free up recruiters' time so they can focus on making their work part of the larger strategic function of the business.Read More
Infographic: Jobvite Optimizes Recruitment Marketing for Enterprise HealthcareJobvite has deep expertise in helping leading healthcare organizations find and attract top healthcare professionals. In this special infographic, we demonstrate six ways you can reach the best healthcare candidates today.Read More
Infographic: How Internal Talent Mobility Helps You GrowHappy employees are more productive which allows them to grow. Properly care for your employees with talent mobility to keep your best people and help them become more engaged and transition professionally within your organization. Read More
Infographic: Continuous Candidate Engagement – Why You Need CCEYou're not going to win the talent war with old recruiting systems, it's time for a new approach. Learn how a Continuous Candidate Engagement™ recruiting strategy - a candidate-centric recruiting model to help you engage candidates at the right time, in the right way, from first look to first day. Read More
Infographic: The 4 Metrics All Recruiters Need to KnowToday’s most effective recruiting organizations must be strategic, by tracking metics and leveraging data. Partnered with Appcast, we determined these four metrics will help you benchmark (and boost!) your recruiting activity, paving the way for lower costs and better quality hires.Read More
Infographic: The Law of Employee AttractionWith 69% of US professionals admitting that they wouldn’t take a job at a company with a bad reputation, even if unemployed, one thing is clear. Reputation is everything. The good news is that brands play a large role in defining their own reputation. Read More
2020 Job Seeker Nation Report

When Change is the Only Constant: Timely insights into the
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