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The Summer to Evolve: Improve your Candidate ExperienceIn this Summer to Evolve Recruiter Skills Session, Natalie Segro, Product Training Manager at Jobvite, discuss how different communication channels including text, email, chatbots, phone calls, and social messaging can be used to create positive candidate engagement and experiences.Watch
The Summer to Evolve: The Most Important Roles and Skills for a Comprehensive TA TeamIn this Summer to Evolve Recruiter Skills Session, Amy Hughes, Senior Director, Customer Enablement at Jobvite, discusses the key elements for a successful talent acquisition team, and specific skills and qualities to hire for as you interview sourcers, recruitment coordinators, recruiters, candidate experience managers, operations, and leaders.Watch
The Summer to Evolve: Candidate Screening Best PracticesIn this Summer to Evolve Recruiter Skills Session, Karlee Sapp, Customer Success Training Developer at Jobvite, covers the best practices to screen candidates quickly and efficiently, including the resume screening process, how to use ATS software for automation, and how to use screening checklists.Watch
The Summer to Evolve: Recruitment Marketing for RecruitersIn this Summer to Evolve Recruiter Skills Session, Natalie Segro, Product Training Manager at Jobvite, demonstrates how to use recruitment marketing to attract, engage, and convert candidates to help recruiters to build talent pipelines. Watch
Jobvite in One MinuteJobvite makes it easy to create branded, personalized candidate experiences that attract, engage, and hire talent, both inside and outside of your organization. Watch this one minute overview video to see how Jobvite can transform your hiring from reactive to proactive with the industry’s most comprehensive talent acquisition suite.Watch
Internal Mobility Made Easy with JobviteJobvite helps companies bring their internal job board to life, making it easy for employees to find their next role inside their company, instead of outside of it. Watch this video to learn more about how Jobvite proactively matches and alerts employees to relevant internal opportunities.Watch
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