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What is Candidate Experience?

Candidate experience is the interaction between a candidate and your employer brand. Any time a candidate or potential candidate visits your website, reads content, applies to a job, or fills out a form – they’re interacting with your company. Your goal as a recruiter is to create the most optimized and engaging experience for candidates in order to recruit the best talent and build your brand.

How Do You Measure Candidate Experience?

Candidate experience can be measured in a variety of ways. The goal of quality candidate experience is for candidates to find the right content, job listing, or connection at the right time. When a candidate finds what they’re looking for and engages with your brand, they’re having a good experience. Set your conversion goals for candidates – whether it be applications, content engagement, or form submissions. Then, it will be easier to form strategies around candidate engagement.

How Do You Provide a Good Candidate Experience?

A great candidate experience involves engagement with your employer brand through content, job applications, contact forms, and social media. Keeping candidates engaged in your brand will allow them to learn more about your company as well as keep interest in jobs as they open. Quality candidate experience includes the following: 

  • Personalized content
  • Personalized job recommendations
  • Mobile-optimized sites
  • Easy job application process
  • Automated messaging with recruiters
  • Easy to find information

Why is Candidate Experience Important?

Providing a quality candidate experience allows you to find and recruit top quality talent. A good candidate experience is important to building your employer brand as well as talent pipeline. It’s important to think about the experience that candidates have with your company – from your social media and content to your career site and application process. Ensure an easy and pleasant experience for candidates and enjoy the benefits!

More About Candidate Experience

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