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Walk-Thru Thursday: Reduce Unconscious Bias and Convey Your Message of Inclusion

Thursday, July 1 at 2 PM ET

During The Summer to Evolve: Road Trip, Walk-Thru Thursdays feature weekly product knowledge takeaways for you and your talent team! Jobvite Solutions Engineers will provide deep dives into aspects of the Jobvite Talent Acquisition Suite that will help improve your candidate quality, employer brand, and talent acquisition success.

To connect with the diverse talent pools of today, organizations must strive to remove unconscious bias throughout the recruitment process. Jobvite’s innovate tools allow you to not only convey the best messaging, but also remove bias from the review process. Jenn Zazzetti, Jobvite Solutions Engineer, will show you how you can remove references to location, gender, and more from candidate resumes. Learn how to check your job descriptions to ensure they resonate with all.

Jenn Zazzetti
Solutions Engineer