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What is a CRM?

A CRM (customer relationship management) system is used to expand and manage the candidates in your talent network. CRM software usually includes things like automated messaging, job postings, and contact database features. Utilize this system to keep candidates fresh in your talent pool and ready for the next opportunity that comes up to reduce effort while maximizing recruiting results.

What Does a CRM Do?

CRM software allows you to store candidate information, engage with candidates, publish job postings, pull information from resume databases, and turn passive talent into engaged applicants. Easily communicate with applicants and past candidates with automated messaging. Looking to hire for specific skills, locations, or experience? Use your CRM system to segment audiences!

Who Needs a CRM?

Any recruiter, hiring manager, head of TA, or recruiting team member can benefit from a CRM system. Whether you’re new or looking to expand your employer brand – a CRM software is right for you! Transform applicants to qualified candidates for hire with easy segmenting and communication for any role.

Why is CRM Growing?

With the job market constantly changing, recruiters know how crucial it is to maintain relationships with candidates – even when they aren’t looking. Candidate relationship management is growing in popularity in recruiting because it allows teams to find the right talent for open roles as well as engage passive talent in their network. Building a strong talent pipeline is the key to successful recruiting – no matter what role you’re looking to fill.

How Do You Measure Recruiter Performance?

Performance in recruiting can be measured a number of ways using KPIs. Recruiter performance is often measured against metrics like time to fill, DEI, number of applications per requisition, candidate conversion rate, and even quality of hire. When deciding how to measure a recruiter’s performance, consider what areas of the recruiting process need improving and measure those metrics.

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