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Taking Your Recruitment Marketing Team to the Next LevelThis step-by-step guide with worksheets will walk you through key elements of creating a successful recruitment marketing team and give you specific actions you can take to advance the maturity of your recruitment marketing organization.Read More
Attracting More Diverse Candidates through Targeted Audience Planning In this ebook, we’ll dig into the importance of audience planning, and how it can be used to create opportunities for underrepresented candidates and build strong, inclusive teams in 9 steps. Read More
Connecting the Dots to Build Talent Pipelines with the Right CandidatesIn this guide, we’ll dive into the benefits that come from seeing and building connections between recruiting and marketing to fill a talent pipeline with highly qualified and skilled candidates that fit the needs of your company like a glove.Read More
A Guide to Successful Organizational Readiness and Change ManagementWith the volume of HRTech out there, many companies are still not succeeding at implementation. Why does implementation failure happen? One common cause is a lack of organizational readiness. In this guide, we’ll talk about the biggest mistakes made, and most importantly, how you can avoid them.Read More
Building the Business Case for a Recruitment Marketing PlatformA recruitment marketing platform is a critical part of the modern talent acquisition technology stack. To compete for talent across industries, companies need a way to engage with individuals before they apply for a job. This guide presents the strong business case for a recruitment marketing platform.Read More
7 Ways to Attract, Engage, and Convert Diverse CandidatesA diverse workforce is more than just a nice-to-have. It’s critical to building a strong employer brand, and benefits companies by increasing creativity, profitability, and employee retention. Our ebook, 7 Ways to Attract, Engage, and Convert Diverse Candidates, helps you get started.Read More
Candidate Engagement Scoring: A New Tool for Every Season of RecruitingWhat is Candidate Engagement Scoring and is it right for your company? With Candidate Engagement Scoring, you can ensure that you’re spending time with the right candidates, deliver personalized content at the right time, and extend job offers to candidates with the highest likelihood of becoming successful and loyal employees.Read More
Nothing Artificial: A Guide to AI in Talent AcquisitionAI, or artificial intelligence, has been a buzzword across several industries the past few years. But how does AI apply to the very human role of talent acquisition? Our latest guide, Nothing Artificial: A Guide to AI in Talent Acquisition, aims to explain the balance between utilizing useful AI to create efficiencies, and the role of the TA professional.Read More
Evolve to Win the New Game of Talent Acquisition GuideTA is now a strategic business function in top organizations. To remain competitive, companies must have a high performing TA team that can attract and engage your targeted audiences, rapidly meet changing business hiring needs, optimize budget and resources, and continuously improve hiring processes. This guide explains how the EVOLVE TA Framework can help your TA function evolve. Read More
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