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How to Build a Great Employer BrandFrom the first time a potential candidate learns about your company through the application, interview, and hiring process and the entire tenure of their employment — every moment contributes to your employer brand. In this e-book, we’ll take a closer look at what employer branding is all about and why it’s important. We’ll also give you some tips for getting started — and point out some pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.Read More
9 Tips to Fill Manufacturing Roles Faster with AutomationIn this guide, we’ll walk you through the top issues currently facing manufacturing recruiters, and 9 tactics to leverage automation in your recruiting process to improve the candidate experience, attract more top talent, and reduce never-ending list of tasks for your recruiters.Read More
2021 Job Seeker Nation ReportOver the past year, the pandemic has greatly altered the dynamics of the U.S. labor market, bringing about what we believe to be “The Rise of the Optimized Workforce,” fueled by the profound change in the concerns, challenges, and priorities for workers and job seekers nationwide.Read More
A Quick Guide to the Benefits and Best Use Cases for Texting in RecruitingText is an important communication channel and forward-thinking recruiters are taking advantage. Why? Many people are tied to their cell phones, so it’s not surprising that many job seekers now use their phones more frequently than their computers to research and find jobs.Read More
6 Tips for Connecting with Candidates through Automated TextingRecruiters are essential drivers of a positive candidate experience. Give them the tools to succeed in today’s market. Read on for six best practices to get the best results from text recruiting. Read More
How to Manufacture a Great Employer BrandA strong employer brand can help your company capture the interest of top candidates and stand out from the competition. However, building and managing an employer brand for a manufacturer can feel overwhelming. Learn where to start in our guide, written specifically for the unique needs of manufacturing TA teams.Read More
2021 Manufacturing Recruiting TrendsEach year, Jobvite surveys hundreds of recruiters and HR professionals for our Recruiter Nation Survey report to determine where the industry’s priorities lie and what current hiring trends are. This year, we had several manufacturing recruiters respond to the survey, and have summarized their responses in this manufacturing industry-specific report.Read More
Get Agile for More Responsive Healthcare RecruitingNow more than ever, healthcare providers need to be prepared for changing staffing needs and be as flexible as possible – to bend, but not break as conditions change. How can you rev-up your recruiting strategy at a moment’s notice, but still ensure you are hiring the best staff for your patients?Read More
7 Ways to Win Quality Healthcare Talent in a Tough MarketWe polled heads of talent acquisition from health systems across North America and found seven key factors for success, and we're sharing them with you! Download 7 Ways to Win Quality Healthcare Talent in a Tough Market to learn how your colleagues in healthcare recruiting are filling gaps and finding the right talent to serve their patients.Read More
2021 Job Seeker Nation Report

The Rise of the Optimized Workforce: Timely insights into the
profound change in the concerns, challenges, and priorities for workers and job seekers nationwide.


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