Jobvite Named Leader in Enterprise Recruiting Technology 

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Exciting news! Jobvite, an Employ solution, has been recognized by both TALiNT Partners and G2 as one of the top enterprise recruiting solutions of 2023. These recent accolades reinforce Jobvite as a leading hiring technology provider for large-scale businesses.

Jobvite’s Recruitment Marketing Platform recognized by TIARA Talent Tech Star Awards

Jobvite offers advanced talent acquisition solutions that enterprise companies use to recruit and hire smarter and faster. One such Jobvite solution was recognized by the 2023 TIARA Talent Tech Star Awards, run by TALiNT Partners, which highlights the top recruiting technologies.

Jobvite’s platform was named the Recruitment Marketing Solution of the Year for 2023. Judges indicated Jobvite technology provides a candidate-centric experience for job seekers that:

  • Simplifies the application process by reducing barriers, including login requirements
  • Empowers recruiters to target strategic audiences with recruitment messaging
  • Enables talent teams to build relationships with candidates through personalized nurtures

The TIARA Talent Tech Star Awards judges praised Jobvite for its “robust platform and dynamic approach, consistently adding and enhancing the functionality of the solution, which positively impacts the recruitment and onboarding experience.”

G2 Reports name Jobvite a leading enterprise talent acquisition software provider

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Jobvite also received recognition as a top recruitment solution from G2 in the Winter 2024 Reports. The peer-to-peer software review site recognized Jobvite recruiting software in several categories, naming it an enterprise onboarding technology leader and a high performer in the applicant tracking system category.

The positive impact Jobvite’s enterprise recruitment solutions have on the hiring strategies of enterprise employers are captured in these actual customer reviews:

“I love the ability to track and schedule all of my candidate interviews within Jobvite, and how Jobvite integrates with many of our other vendors for references, assessments and background checks. It feels like a one-stop shop!”

“Both as a recruiter and as an interviewer, it’s easy to use. It’s a time saver and well-organized. In our business hiring has to go through a ton of approval and I love how I can see the status of the requisition, and candidates and submit my evaluations.”

“The template configurations made for an easy design and implementation. The organic broadcasting and application obtainment has allowed us to reduce paid recruitment advertising resulting in a lower cost-per-hire.”

Accelerate your hiring with Jobvite’s enterprise recruitment software. Schedule a demo of our Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite to learn how our technology can transform your TA strategy.

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