3 Applicant Tracking System Hacks to Attract the Best Candidates

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Attracting qualified candidates is a strategic game of appealing to the right people and holding their interest throughout the hiring process. This seems simple enough in theory, but there are some key factors in an applicant tracking system that carry significant weight and shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re experiencing some difficulty in attracting or retaining valuable prospects, you’re not alone. With unemployment rates at historic lows, job candidates can be more selective when it comes to applying for positions. It may be time to review the efficacy of your company’s vetting practices. Naturally, if the issue can be identified at its source and addressed properly, resources can then be reallocated to developing suitable training for acceptable applicants. The recruiting solutions are within your grasp, and all you need to implement them is knowledge of what’s standing in the way of your success.

1.  Simplify the Hiring Process

One of the first steps you should take to ensure a consistent flow of quality applicants is to make the hiring process as brief and simple as possible. This doesn’t mean requirements have to be too lax or outside the desired parameters, but they shouldn’t be too cumbersome with unnecessary or irrelevant steps. One very easy way to test for this problem is to try applying for a job through your careers page to see if there are any problems for the candidates. This can have the added bonus of potentially shedding light on other matters that were previously unknown. With a firm and direct understanding from the inside, it will be far more obvious where the deficiencies are, and you can then streamline your system as needed.

2. Optimize Your Mobile Experience

Another part of maintaining the interest of individuals looking for employment is being able to compete with others in your industry. To stay at the forefront of technical development, it’s critical to have a scalable digital presence that appeals directly to the types of people you’re seeking on the internet. One way to demonstrate how in touch your company is with trends is to ensure you have recruiting software available through a mobile app. Apps are the most popular method of interacting with the public, and they’ll be crucial in keeping the attention of the coming generations. People are mobile in their professional careers more than ever before, so they expect services that can keep up with their busy lifestyles. You’ll also want to make sure your application process is optimized for mobile devices. People are always on their smartphones, so having a system that lets candidates apply for positions through their phones could put you ahead of the competition.

3. Automate Candidate and Hiring Team Communication

You probably agree that the time after resume submission or before an interview when all you can do is wait until someone contacts you is the most stressful part of applying. This is where a highly responsive system comes into play. It can automatically send a notification of receipt of the resume to the candidate. This is why it’s so important to ensure proper measures are taken to follow up on interviews and resumes so that no one is overlooked. Properly structured communication and hiring team notifications are a big part of keeping this segment from breaking down, and knowing what happens next for the applicant when an interview gets scheduled is key. If you employ the easy hacks mentioned here, before long, you should see a marked improvement in your recruitment system results.