Seven Ways Jobvite Supports Hiring Complexity In Enterprise Companies

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Talent acquisition software is an essential solution for any company looking to find and hire top talent. A research report from Capterra found that 75% of recruiters use recruitment technology to reduce cost per hire, streamline recruitment processes, and improve the candidate experience.

Beyond helping talent acquisition professionals recruit quality candidates, modern recruiting software today leverages AI and automation to identify top talent and develop future hiring initiatives. Within the last two years, 38% of businesses were directing their AI capabilities toward hiring new talent.

Jobvite’s Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite is a unified AI-powered talent acquisition solution that automates the recruitment process and provides more quality hires. Here are seven ways enterprise companies with complex recruiting environments can benefit from using this type of software to streamline their recruiting efforts. 

#1: Reducing Time-to-Hire with Recruiting Automation Software

Making the recruiting process more efficient within an enterprise organization not only saves on recruitment costs, but also improves the candidate experience. Statistics show a direct correlation between reduced time-to-hire and a lower cost-per-hire when using AI-driven intelligent sourcing. Recruiters actively analyze these two metrics when they want to attract, engage, recruit, or hire top talent.

Jobvite talent acquisition technology reduces the time-to-hire and cost-per-hire by automating many of the tedious processes in the recruiting journey. Note that an average job post attracts up to 118 applications. If talent teams decided to screen each application manually, it would be incredibly time-consuming and costly.

Conversely, modern talent acquisition software sifts through applications and identifies top candidates based on the most important skills and experiences required for the role. In addition, recruiters can spend more valuable time nurturing candidates, developing relationships, and cultivating more strategic hiring plans.

#2: Recruiting the Best Candidates

The best enterprise recruiting organizations create talent acquisition processes that attract top candidates and nurture them to the application process. This means recruiters and talent teams can spend more time interacting and engaging with top-tier talent than in evaluating those candidates that may not have the right skills or experience for the job.

Finding talented candidates is easier with Jobvite’s Suite to manage recruiting complexity through a unified solution that addresses the entire talent acquisition lifecycle. Whether it’s employer branding, recruitment marketing, applicant management, employee referrals or internal mobility, the Suite from Jobvite can help recruit the best candidates, fast.

#3: Creating a More Inclusive Workforce

Diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI) are mission-critical topics in today’s recruiting landscape. They are also critical factors candidates consider when deciding where to work. A study by Glassdoor found that 67% of active and passive job seekers look at a company’s diversity when evaluating job offers.

Many recruiters and talent acquisition professionals continue to look for ways to create a more inclusive workforce and use AI-powered tools to reduce conscious and unconscious bias. Functionality like Bias Blocker™ from Jobvite automatically redacts identifiable information from a candidate’s resume before hiring manager review. By eliminating unnecessary data points and creating equal opportunity for candidates, recruiters can connect with underrepresented communities and build strong teams wherever talent is found.

#4: Filling Critical Positions Faster

A common problem within enterprise organizations is that the recruitment process takes too long and top talent is snatched up quickly by other companies. Even the most minor delays in the recruitment process can cost you a good candidate.

Did you know HR managers lose an average of 14 hours a week when performing tasks that can be automated? An AI-enabled recruiting solution like those capabilities offered from Jobvite saves time by automating administrative tasks that impact the success and efficiency of the recruitment process.

#5: Enhancing Candidate Matching

Matching candidates to the right job opening is another challenging task when recruiting candidates within an enterprise company. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by a large number of applications for a single job opening.

Jobvite offers AI candidate matching that enables recruiters to sort through a large volume of candidates and identify those who are most closely aligned with a job description or in comparison to other similar candidates. These AI algorithms automate what has been a manual process for recruiters.

#6: Improving the Candidate Experience

Streamlined interactions with prospective candidates play a critical role in an applicant’s overall talent journey and experience with the company.

AI recruitment software comes integrated with real-time engagement data, enabling companies to interact with candidates throughout the hiring process. Research shows 38% of candidates are more likely to accept job offers if they had a positive candidate experience.

That’s how to win clients in recruitment and:

  • Enhance your company’s reputation
  • Improve employer branding initiatives 
  • Attract high-quality candidates whenever you have a job opening
  • Improve new and current employee retention

With AI chatbots and text, like offered in Jobvite’s Suite, companies can interact with candidates through automated SMS messages, email, or live chats. The messages can inform candidates about scheduled interviews, their application status, or answer specific questions associated with the role.

#7: Increasing Recruitment Accuracy 

Some candidates have mastered the art of curating and crafting resumes to stand out. This means recruiters could miss out on a great candidate with the right skills or experience, but who hasn’t included the right keywords on their resume.

With an award-winning, holistic recruiting suite like Jobvite’s, it’s easy to analyze candidate applications without relying on keywords. Jobvite analyzes candidate documents, identifying specific candidate competencies. This way, the best candidates are not overlooked.

Start Attracting Top Talent with Jobvite’s Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite 

Whether you’re planning to continue at the level of hiring you currently have in your enterprise or are looking to scale further, using AI-based talent acquisition software is a critical component.

The complexity of hiring for enterprise companies will only continue to increase, so you need to adapt your talent acquisition technologies to accommodate your current and future growth. See what Jobvite’s Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite can do in your organization and learn how it tackles every area of the talent lifecycle in your complex hiring environment.