Improve Time-To-Hire with Jobvite’s Zero-Click Intelligent Sourcing

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Finding qualified candidates quickly is one of the toughest challenges for talent acquisition (TA) teams today. No matter how efficient your recruiting process is, recruiters spend a significant amount of their time sourcing and matching qualified prospects – time that could better be spent connecting with active candidates.

Jobvite’s Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite can give you that time back. Introducing Zero-Click Intelligent Sourcing (ZCIS) a new way to automatically source and activate qualified candidates. By assisting recruiters in the time-consuming process of sourcing, ZCIS improves recruiter efficiency while reducing time-to-fill, a critical metric for organizations looking to increase hiring at their organization.

Save valuable time and effort in recruiting

We all know it’s been a challenging year for recruiters. They have fewer resources and more open requisitions to manage and are under constant pressure to fill roles quickly. ZCIS saves valuable time and effort by automatically sourcing top candidates for a role. Plus, ZCIS helps activate best-fit candidates for you, saving you critical job advertising budget dollars.

Stop stressing about sourcing

Using AI-powered candidate matching, ZCIS automatically targets a list of qualified candidates based on outlined requirements and information from previous successful hires for similar positions. Personalized communications are auto-generated to invite the prospect to apply. This automatically drives qualified applicants into your ATS and your hiring workflow.

Get ahead of your competition

With ZCIS your recruiters need only open a new job requisition and, once posted, let the system handle the sourcing. The next action your recruiters will take is managing qualified applicants in your ATS. That is a game-changer for recruiters in this competitive job market.

While your competitors are spending days trying to find top candidates, you’ll already be interviewing them.

We are proud to announce that ZCIS has already been awarded a Top HR Product of the Year Award by Human Resource Executive. Submissions to this year’s Top HR Products of the Year contest were judged on their innovation in the HR tech space, with particular attention to how the tools are breaking new ground and how much value they add to the HR function.

Stop wasting time and let The Evolve TA Suite work for you

Looking to learn more about how Zero-Click Intelligent Sourcing saves time, ensures candidate quality, and more? Read more about Zero-Click Intelligent Sourcing and request a demo today.