Jobvite and Zoom Join Forces with New Integration

Jobvite and Zoom

With 86% of companies conducting video interviews and our 2021 Job Seeker Nation Report noting that 46% of workers are comfortable with video interviews, it’s evident that employers aren’t moving away from this interview option any time soon. Which we think is a win overall! Video interviewing options provide candidates with flexibility and recruiters with the ability to move fast.

After all, to win top talent in today’s recruiting environment, you need to make the interview experience easy and accessible. Jobvite is excited to announce our integration with Zoom is now available for all clients utilizing Jobvite’s award-winning recruiting solution.

And Jobvite’s integration with Zoom meets the needs of recruiting teams by allowing them to easily schedule and conduct interviews utilizing the powerful Zoom platform. Jobvite clients can easily turn on this integration directly from their Admin dashboard. Once activated, recruiters may schedule, communicate, and conduct interviews utilizing their Zoom Meeting credentials.

Recruiters win with email templates for prepopulating Zoom Meeting details and automatically creating a Zoom Meeting link via the integration. This only furthers the streamlining of recruiter workflows (+1 if you’re already using Jobvite’s Smart Scheduler)! And our users can access all of Jobvite and Zoom Meeting integration benefits right from Jobvite ATS.

Candidates win as they are generally familiar with the Zoom Meetings and can easily sign-in at the appropriate time for their interview. Which in the long run, is a win for us all!

So, try it out if you haven’t already!