Jobvite ATS Helps Customers Hire Faster and More Efficiently

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It’s always so exciting to see our customers grow and win with their recruiting strategies. Recently our customer Aspire Public Schools increased their efficiency in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding by adopting Jobvite’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Another customer, Meridian Senior Living, was able to configure their Jobvite ATS to personalize it for each location to meet their unique hiring needs. Given all the challenges those healthcare workers have faced, any way that we can make hiring easier is a win-win!

We work hard with each one of our customers to understand their unique needs and help them thrive in talent acquisition. Their success is our success. That’s why we were thrilled to learn that based on customer reviews and experiences like those shared by our customers, we were awarded a Top-Rated Award in Applicant Tracking by TrustRadius! This award is determined by all the TrustRadius reviews submitted from Jobvite customers for our Applicant Tracking System. We were humbled to read what our customers had to say.

TA Professionals Love the Jobvite Applicant Tracking System

We read through the TrustRadius reviews left by our wonderful customers and we can’t get enough!

What Do Customers Love Most About Jobvite ATS?

Features that Make Recruiting Easier

What’s not to love? Jobvite customers all have different reasons for loving our Applicant Tracking System. Our features, that we develop with input from our customer CAB, show how Jobvite is always thinking of both customer and candidate experience throughout each step of the recruiting process. Features that are configurable and easy to use like job requisition management, social media publishing, and custom application forms are a few of the most loved! We aim to make everyone’s lives easier in recruiting.

Our Applicant Tracking System is easy to use and offers powerful AI and automation to help you hire faster, smarter, and with confidence. Jobvite’s ATS allows you to continuously engage candidates while gaining a 360° view of their candidate profile. Recruiters can quickly and easily move candidates through the application process with tools like checklists, automated text screening, and native on-demand video.

Learn about Jobvite’s end-to-end Talent Acquisition Suite to further elevate your recruiting.

Service and Ease of Use

After reading all (yes, all!) customer reviews on TrustRadius, we hear that what makes Jobvite Most Loved is our ease of use, service, and partnership with our clients. Whether it’s through text, phone call, email, or hand-written notes – we love to hear from customers about their excellent experience in partnering with Jobvite.

While Jobvite continues to change, develop, and lead the talent acquisition industry, we are so thankful to hear about the growth of our customers. Our mission is to help people and organizations grow through innovative, progressive tools as well as exceptional service!

More from Jobvite Customers

“Jobvite keeps all of our recruitment activity centralized, which allows for quality reporting for our executive team.”

“Jobvite reacts quickly, allows for a smooth transition in the processes and lifecycle of a candidate. I also love the text recruit feature. So nice to see where a conversation left off and how to pick it back up.”

“(Jobvite ATS) helps us streamline the application process and the candidate experience, and ultimately hire quicker and more efficiently.”

Thank you to our customers and TrustRadius!