Need to Hire Top Talent Fast? Our New Playbook Shows You How!

Woman sitting at a white desk typing on a laptop

As Covid-related restrictions continue to ease across the country, companies in a wide range of industries are ramping up their operations — and their hiring. Job creation is on the rise, with 850,000 new jobs added in the US last month alone. The need for workers is especially critical in consumer-related sectors like retail and hospitality. But where are the job seekers?

For a variety of reasons, many workers have not yet returned to the job market. A perfect storm of personal, economic, and public health factors has created a serious scarcity of qualified candidates.

Our new ebook, How to Hire Top Talent Quickly, provides key insights and actionable advice for any talent team that’s struggling to hire in the current labor shortage. (For example, when was the last time you reviewed your application process? Is it as simple and streamlined as possible? Does it allow candidates to apply right from their phone?)

We also provide guidance to help you navigate the specific hiring scenarios you may be facing, like:

  • Fast-tracking high-volume hiring
  • Attracting top talent for high-skill and knowledge-based roles
  • Improving diversity and inclusion
  • Anticipating and managing “The Great Resignation
  • Hiring efficiently with a short-handed recruiting team

In times like these, you might resort to signing bonuses and cash incentives to get candidates in the door — but these short-term fixes can only take you so far. To succeed in today’s unique employment market, you need to get serious about improving your hiring strategy, processes, and technology.

Knowing the right steps to take can help you “hire right when talent is tight.” Download the ebook to find out more!