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Building a Culture of Referral in a Growing Company

Sarah Nowicki, HR Manager, arrived at Credit Answers, just north of Dallas in Plano, Texas, to create a recruiting process and function for the fast-growing company. Building a strong culture of referral is a core part of the company’s talent acquisition strategy. Sarah said, “We had to have a culture of referral, because the best candidates are from referrals.”

Don’t wait until you have a critical job to fill – be proactive

Sometimes rapid growth can change the dynamics of referral behavior as the recruiters have less time to personally tap employees on the shoulder to ask for referrals, but employee referrals are stronger than ever at Credit Answers. Sarah set out to build a recruiting program that would anticipate the future needs of the company  –  to be proactive, not reactive about building a pool of applicants.

coffee-mug-atConsistency counts – keep the information coming

Like some other companies, policies at Credit Answers do not permit access to online social network sites at work. However, employees have been highly active at accessing their own networks by sending Jobvites, job invitations, via email. All employees receive a Jobvite weekly that provides actionable information about open positions.

Make it easy to refer – the less work for employees, the better

Then employees can send invitations to their own contacts through Jobvite.  Jobvite matching technology can work with the information in their Outlook contacts to make the task of finding the right contact easier. Once employees have sent a Jobvite, the recipient can apply to the job – or send it on to their own social network or email contacts.

Sarah says: “One employee has connections to so many people – the connections just keep branching out. We can be really effective at getting referrals when it’s so easy for employees to be involved and to get jobs out to past associates and people they know.”

Watch what happens – use tracking and metrics to manage the referral program

When one of their connections applies – even if it’s not a direct connection – the employee receives credit for that referral.  Because the referrals are automatically tracked, the human resources department can easily see the source of applicants and recognize employees for helping out with recruiting. Now, 37% of hires come from employee referrals and over half of those referrals are the direct result of Jobvites that employees have sent.

The Jobvites sent by employees are very targeted – about 4 out of 10 job invitations sent lead to applications. And the company finds that the connections tapped by the employees are high quality prospects for their jobs.

Even before we developed technology for sending Jobvites through social networks, our customers were sending Jobvites via email and tracking referral results. Our integrations with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter now allow people to very easily use their investments in social network to help their companies find prospective employees that match open jobs. This technology greatly expands the pool of contacts for employee referrals at Jobvite customers.

But while new social networking technologies get a lot of ink, people still have investments in their email address books and contacts. Our philosophy is to continue developing a platform that encompasses the multiple ways people approach social recruiting and referral – and let them choose.

Want to ramp up your employee referral program? Start with the building blocks that will establish referral successfully as part of your company culture and create a base for expansion.

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