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Sourcing in 2021: Strategies and Best Practices for the New World of Hiring

From 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm ET

How does your team improve quality-of-hire? It starts by sourcing a great talent pool. And quickly. With the economy tracking towards increased hiring, how can recruiters and sourcers race to find the best candidates? It begins with better access to data, reduced system toggling, and knowledge of what tools are available for you to take advantage of today. LinkedIn’s Ethan Burton, Product Marketing Manager and Integrations Lead, will join Jobvite’s Corporate Recruiter, Josh Jones, to discuss this topic with host, Kerry Gilliam, Jobvite’s VP of Marketing.

Demo Day: Jobvite Intelligent Messaging

From 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm ET

Modern recruiting depends on creating a highly personalized experience for candidates while using smart technology and automation to ease the burden for recruiters. In this Demo Day, Jobvite Account Executive, Jenna Phillips, will walk you through how to utilize Jobvite's Intelligent Messaging solution to accelerate and automate hiring processes through text, freeing up precious time for the TA team while creating a seamless candidate experience.

Jenna will be joined by Steve Lewis, Talent Acquisition Director, and Wendy Blodgett-Verdouwm, Talent Sourcing Specialist from Hearth & Home Technologies, who will discuss their own journey with Jobvite Intelligent Messaging, and how they use it day to day as part of their larger TA strategy.

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