Customer Success Plan Offerings

This Support Policy for Employ Platform Services is entered as of the Order Form Effective Date and is governed by and made a part of the Agreement between Customer and Employ. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this Support Policy and the terms of the Agreement, the terms of the Agreement will prevail. All capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein will have the same meaning as in the Agreement.

Customer Success Plan Offerings

Employ offers the following success and support packages: Empower, Empower Plus, Elite, Elite Plus. Empower is included in the subscription fees for Platform Services stated in the Order Form Platform and Support Services section unless an alternative Support Level is specified. Empower Plus, Elite, and Elite Plus are offered for an additional fee, as an add-on to Empower.

1. Scope of the Customer Success Services

Each Support Level is made up of a collection of support and success services described in this Support Policy.

1.1 Support Levels

Foundational support and engagement with a focus on self-serve customer education and issue resolution.

Empower Plus
An add-on to Employ Empower that includes strategic-focused guidance that goes beyond the foundational support and engagement to help Customers get the most value from Platform Services. Employ Empower Plus includes Virtual Instructor Led Trainings, office hours with Customer Success Managers, annual Verified Outcome Reviews, and access to Phone Support.

An add-on to Employ Empower Plus that includes strategic-focused guidance that goes beyond the foundational support and engagement to help Customers get the most value from Platform Services. Employ Elite includes prioritized routing of support interactions, live instructor-led training sessions, regular consultation on best practices, and access to specialized success offerings with an assigned Customer Success Manager.

Elite Plus
An add-on to Employ Empower Plus that is recommended for large-scale organizations. Beyond core assigned account team resources, we want our Elite Plus customers to work with us, our product team, and our leaders as we plan our shared future. Employ Elite Plus includes a personalized training plan, more dedicated managed services time, a named Dedicated Support Advocate, and a named Executive Sponsor.

1.2 Customer Success Packages by Support Level

All support interactions initiated by Customer Designated Support Contacts are subject to the Support Service Level Agreement defined below. Employ support provides initial contact for Designated Support Contacts through the available Support Contact Channels in English only.
The support and success services included by the Support Level are described in the table below. Capitalized Terms are further defined at the end of this Support Policy.

Success Package Services Empower Empower Plus Elite Elite Plus
Product Training – On Demand x x x x
ProcessPro Workflow Guides x x x x
Product Training – Virtual Instructor Led   x x x
Theory Into Practice   x x x
Product Training – In-Person Instructor-Led     x x
Personalized Training Plan       x
Customer Success
Customer Success Manager   4 meetings per year x x
Verified Outcomes Review x x x x
Office Hours   x x x
Managed Service Hours     40 80
1:1 Product Management Meetings       x
Named Employ Executive Sponsor       x
Special Interest Groups x x x x
Communities of Practice x x x x
Regional User Groups x x x x
Product Advisory Councils x x x x
Technical Support
Named Support Contacts 2 5 5 5
Help Center x x x x
Online Case Submission x x x x
Chat Support x x x x
Phone Support   x x x
Prioritized Case Handling     x x
Go Live / Release Hypercare     x x
Dedicated Support Advocate       x
Support Performance Score Card       x

2. Contacting Support

Beginning on the effective date of a Customer’s agreement for Platform Services, Customer’s Designated Support Contact may contact Employ’s support as the primary point of contact for support services. For contacting Employ’s support organization, the current preferred contact channel for Lever Support is the Help Center located at The Jobvite Help Center is located at The current preferred contact channel for Jobvite support is by logging into the application. Other Support Contact Channels are available by Service Level as defined above.

3. Customer Response Levels

Employ uses commercially reasonable efforts to respond to submitted support cases (also referred to as “case”, “incident”, “ticket”, or “issue”) as described in the table below based on the Support Level.

Incident Severity Service Level (Average initial response times)
Empower Empower Plus Elite Elite Plus
S1 – Critical Two (2) hours Two (2) hours One (1) hour One (1) hour
S2 – Major Six (6) hours Six (6) hours Four (4) hours Three (3) hours

S3 – Minor

Six (6) hours Six (6) hours Three (3) hours Two (2) hours
S4 – Cosmetic Eight (8) hours Eight (8) hours Four (4) hours Two (2) hours


In the event of a Severity S1 or S2 issue, Employ may provide an initial response via active notification, in real-time, via web, phone, email, and/or syndication service to our customers by way of our alert services in lieu of a direct response to a support case. Employ’s alert services are available at

In addition, Employ maintains and publishes the current system status for Platform Services core subsystems, daily, weekly, and monthly system metrics, and a historical log of platform incidents at

A description of issue severity levels, description, and resolution efforts are provided in the table below:

Severity Level Description Resolution Effort
S1 Critical – Service is inaccessible or the expected functionality is so severely impacted that the Customer is unable to reasonably continue using a Platform Service. Continuous efforts until the problem is officially fixed, tested, and deployed and services are returned to normal operations. Updates every 2 hours. Internal escalation after 4 hours and every 4 hours thereafter.
S2 Major – Essential functionality of a Platform Service is lost with no workaround or the expected functionality is so severely impacted that the Customer is unable to perform portions of their normal business operations. There is no workaround available. Allocate sufficient resources to fix the problem in the target resolution time frame. Target resolution for S2 problems is 24 hours to 3 business days depending on the complexity of the corrective action necessary to restore the service to normal operations.


Minor – Frequently used functionality of the Platform Service is lost or impacted but a temporary workaround for the lost or impacted functionality exists. Allocate sufficient resources during normal business hours to fix the problem in the target resolution time frame. Target resolution for S3 problems is 48 hours to 5 business days depending on the complexity of the corrective action necessary to restore the service to normal operations.
S4 Cosmetic – Characteristic defect with no impact on Platform Service functions or features cosmetic in nature which do not impact the function of the Service. The issue may also consist of “how to” questions such as configuration inquiries, enhancement requests, or help center documentation questions. The resolution time frame of S4 problems will be determined on a case-by-case basis, worked during normal business hours at a lower priority than S1 – S3, and may be included in the normal maintenance cycle and release schedule for those issues related to a characteristic defect.


Incidents regarding a release, version, and/or functionalities of Employ Platform Services developed specifically for Customer (including those developed by Employ Professional Services) are excluded from customer response levels as described above.

4. Customer Responsibilities

4.1 Customer Contact

To receive support as outlined in the Support Policy, the Customer will designate at least one qualified English-speaking contact person (each a “Named Support Contact”) with at least one with the role of Super Admin in Employ Hire (“Designated System Administrator”). Some services provided by Employ Support may only be provided when requested by a Designated System Administrator.

Interactions by phone, prioritized routing of issues, and Response Levels are only applicable for interactions initiated by a Designated Support Contact.

The Designated Contact is responsible for managing all operations-related tasks stemming from the use of Employ Platforms as related to the Customer’s business, such as:

  1. Manage and monitor integrations to Customer’s third-party systems (if available).
  2. Share information with Customer end users as provided by Employ to Designated Contacts such as the product roadmap, results from audits performed by Employ, and any advisories on the availability of Employ’s Platforms as appropriate.

4.2 Customer Contact Details

Customer will provide contact details (in particular, telephone number) through which the Designated Support Contact or the authorized representative of the Designated Support Contact may initiate contact or be contacted at any time. Customer will update its Customer Contacts for Support through one of the available Support Contact Channels available to Customer based on the Support Service Level.

4.3 Cooperation

To receive support services, Customer will reasonably cooperate with Employ to resolve support incidents and will have adequate technical expertise and knowledge of their configuration of the Employ Platform Services to provide relevant information to enable Employ to reproduce, troubleshoot, and resolve the experienced error such as candidate profile name and/or screenshots. Employ personnel may access the Customer account solely to the extent required to perform the Services.

5. Capitalized Terms

Below are further explanations of the capitalized terms used above:

Term Definition
Product Training – On Demand Customers will have 24/7 access to on-demand learning through our product learning system. These modules are focused on building foundational administration skills for each Employ product.
ProcessPro Workflow Guides Workflow guides show the step-by-step approach to take to build out a talent acquisition process. This can be within a module, or across multiple modules. The guides help to take product and functionality learning and give admins a mechanism to build out their processes with confidence.
Product Training – Virtual Instructor Led Virtual instructor-led trainings will be available for multiple customers to attend. They are intended as a complement to on-demand product learning, such as when a customer needs additional information or an explanation about how a specific feature functions. These are short format sessions to help learn specific functionality or processes.
Theory Into Practice Theory Into Practice is a multi-modality learning cohort focused on how to bring a specific talent acquisition trend to life within their business, through process and culture change, and system changes needed. The cohorts will discuss talent acquisition trends that align with current thought leadership, discuss the change management implications, learn how to enact the change in the product, and how to measure and report upon success.
Product Training – In Person Instructor Led Join other customers for our in-person multi-day functionality trainings facilitated by Employ product experts. These trainings blend product explanation and instruction with hands-on practice building workflows. They also create the opportunity to build new connections with other customers using the same products as you.
Personalized Training Plan Employ training consultants analyze your customer Success Blueprint for the upcoming year and consult with you on your learning needs to design a custom Employ training program.  Learning plans include guidance on training for super admins, sub-admins, and other unique roles of the organization.
Named Customer Success Manager Named Customer Success Managers will own delivery of most core customer deliverables outside of the Services or commercial space. Elite customers can expect monthly syncs with their Customer Success Manager and Elite Plus can expect to meet weekly. Pooled CSMs will be available to answer adoption and best practice questions via email and for four meetings per year.
Verified Outcomes Review The Verified Outcomes process encompasses tracking customer goals, making recommendations for product functionality and service resources to help achieve goals, and reporting on progress and results. The Verified Outcomes Review is the report sharing these results and is delivered digitally to Empower and Empower Plus customers, annually with Empower Plus customers having a CSM take them through. It is delivered live by a CSM bi-annually for Elite and quarterly for Elite Plus customers.
Office Hours Sessions are available multiple times a week for customers to meet with CSMs to review their questions on specific parts of the platform.
Managed Service Hours Customers can work with our Managed Services teams to use hours for admin work and configuration, analytics, or additional platform consultation.
1:1 Product Management Meetings An option for customers to meet bi-annually with the relevant Product Management Team to review customer feedback and needs for the future.
Named Employ Executive Sponsor A senior Employ leader assigned to partner with customers. The Executive Sponsor works with the account management team to sustain overall continued customer success in all facets of the customer’s talent management vision. The Executive Sponsor will also represent the customer’s needs in Employ’s ongoing strategy design.
Special Interest Groups Access to connect with other talent acquisition pros in a virtual community to exchange insights and explore optimal industry-specific recruiting strategies.
Communities of Practice Access to connect with other talent acquisition pros who use the same products in a virtual community to exchange insights and explore optimal recruiting strategies.
Regional User Groups Access to connect with other talent acquisition pros from your region in this in-person and virtual community to exchange insights and explore optimal recruiting strategies.
Product Advisory Councils A curated council of fellow Employ customers in structured ideation sessions to help generate insights that will help guide and prioritize our product strategy.
Named Support Contacts  
Help Center Customers may search and access help articles, videos, and frequently asked questions online at and
Online Case Submission Customer technical contact persons identified by the Customer by name and who may contact Support for initiating Incidents under this Agreement.
Chat Support Get help in real-time via instant messaging communication with our Support Team.
Phone Support Access real-time general information and diagnostic advice and assistance concerning the use and operation of your product via telephone.
Prioritized Case Handling Customers will have tickets automatically routed to our most elite technicians who listen first and then deliver advanced troubleshooting to promote prompt and accurate resolution.
Go Live / Release Hypercare A phase of the system roll-out in which the support team provides an increased level of support and oversight to ensure a successful launch.
Dedicated Support Advocate An assigned representative from Tier 2 customer support who meets with the customer on a weekly cadence to review ticket trends, assist with escalation management, and offer recommendations to proactively ensure a positive product experience.
Support Performance Scorecard A list of KPI-associated goals and progress measures is reviewed weekly. The Scorecard is presented and maintained by the Dedicated Support Advocate.


6. Changes to Employ’s Support Policy

Employ may modify the Employ Support Policy from time to time, provided the level of service under each Support Level will not materially decrease during a subscription term.

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