Dent Wizard Strengthens Candidate Experience with Jobvite

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  • Challenge: A time- and labor-intensive application process for potential candidates led many would-be prospects to abandon Dent Wizard’s apply process, while manually conducted candidate searches (and the ongoing use of paper applications) led to poor internal talent acquisition processes for the business, deterring the desired level of headcount growth company-wide.
  • Solution: The ability to leverage Jobvite’s advanced applicant tracking and candidate engagement capabilities “under one roof” now enables Dent Wizard’s recruiters and hiring managers to more efficiently and effectively connect with passive prospects and get more active job seekers to apply for openings — all of which has contributed to faster, more seamless hiring cycles.
  • Results: Adding Jobvite to its talent acquisition tech stack has helped Dent Wizard drastically decrease its average time to hire and increase the number of applicants per posting by roughly 20% — the latter of which contributed to about 1,200 candidates applying for open positions in just one year.

Dent Wizard has been a leader in the automotive reconditioning services market for more than three decades. With a unique business model, Dent Wizard partners directly with auto dealerships, rental agencies and auto auctions to provide small-to-medium area repair techniques (SMART).

Today, the company has technicians in more than 40 states and has repaired more than 2.5 million vehicles nationwide. Its tremendous growth and success stems from the great employees who serve their customers nationwide.

But, Dent Wizard recently pinpointed a problem they couldn’t repair: a broken recruiting system.

“Our application process was time-consuming and not unified across the company, with some hiring managers still using paper applications,” said Dent Wizard International Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition and Talent Strategy Tony Suzda. “As a result, we were losing out on some potential high-quality employees, who make up the foundation of our business.”

What’s more, about 90% of Dent Wizard’s 3,000 technicians are part of the mobile workforce — which means they spend the majority of their time in the car traveling to different customer locations. This made sourcing talent, setting up interviews, and tracking their progress across the pipeline nearly impossible.

“We were essentially detectives, tracking down as much information as we could about candidates that we were engaging with because we had no effective way to track their progression through the candidate experience,” said Tony.

Targeting top talent in a niche industry becomes much easier for Dent Wizard with our applicant tracking system

Dent Wizard was in desperate need of a new recruiting system — and ultimately selected Jobvite as its talent acquisition partner. With its ease-of-use and suite of native hiring solutions, Jobvite empowered Dent Wizard to completely overhaul its recruitment process by developing a more robust talent pipeline with greater ease and streamlining its TA systems and workflows.

“The most compelling thing about Jobvite was the multitude of capabilities housed under one roof,” said Tony. “It really quickened the application process and helped us engage with the right candidates at the right time. Plus, once candidates entered in the Jobvite system, we could keep all candidate information packaged together in the same place.”

After the implementation of Jobvite and using features like Jobvite ATS, CRM and Intelligent Messaging, Dent Wizard witnessed the incredible impact immediately.

Not only did our enterprise ATS software provide them with a more seamless hiring system, but it also delivered a positive experience for both the candidate and recruiter.

No more dents in Dent Wizard’s recruiting strategy, thanks to our enterprise ATS system

Since adding Jobvite into their recruiting repertoire, Dent Wizard’s hiring team was able to drastically reduce time to hire by double digits as well as increase the number of applicants per job posting by 20%. This led them to hiring more high-quality employees and even bringing on 1,200 new employees in a single year.

“The amount of hiring we were experiencing was something we had only dreamed about,” said Tony. “We immediately saw a streamlined process that delivered a larger sum of better-qualified applicants while also drastically decreasing the amount of time it took to bring on a new employee.”

With solutions like Jobvite CRM, Dent Wizard could effectively source high-quality candidates as well as target specific audiences, like veterans. The implementation of Jobvite Intelligent Messaging also allowed recruiters to get responses within minutes instead of hours and save more than five hours a week each.

“Jobvite Intelligent Messaging really gave us that competitive edge we needed to communicate with candidates faster, ask questions and share information at the touch of a finger. It has really sped up the process for the candidate while creating a better process for our recruiters and hiring managers,” said Tony.

As a result, Dent Wizard has hired more high-quality employees than ever before to grow the business and bottom line, which has led to an increase in revenue year-over-year.

Notably, the company has also earned a net promoter score in candidate satisfaction of more than 95%, establishing themselves as the new gold standard in recruiting within the industry.

“After seeing the success of Jobvite, we wouldn’t pick another ATS to work with,” said Tony. “The technology has completely transformed our recruiting process for the better.”

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