Premise Health Partnered with Jobvite to Target Healthcare Talent and Improve Candidate Experience


Reaching healthcare talent in a crowded market

With a competitive market, it was important that they rise above other healthcare companies and hospital systems to compete in local markets.


Jobvite Engage
(and Engage Managed Services)

By tapping into Jobvite Engage (and their Managed Services), Premise Health’s recruiting team was able to launch campaigns to target tough-to-reach healthcare talent and improve the candidate experience throughout the hiring funnel.


20% increase in applicants from first to second year with Jobvite

Thanks to focused and strategic campaigns, a reinvigorated candidate experience, and the support of Jobvite’s foundational ATS, Premise Health increased its applicant number by 20% year-over-year — and will continue growing in the years ahead.


The healthcare industry is known for many things, but embracing cutting-edge technology is not always one of them. Premise Health, however, is changing that stereotype by providing onsite health centers, near-site healthcare, and 24/7 virtual care available via mobile to thousands of covered lives nationwide. But taking care of so many patients requires the best, most dedicated healthcare professionals, can sometimes be hard to find due to antiquated systems and big-name hospitals.

Targeting top talent in healthcare

For Premise, the history of recruiting in the healthcare job market makes it tough to track down quality doctors and nurse practitioners to staff its clinics around the country. Many healthcare professionals are recruited by name-brand hospitals after years in residency, making it less commonplace for doctors to fill out job applications. “The majority of recruiting in this industry happens at health systems,” said Eddie Moncayo, Vice President of Human Resources at Premise. “We don’t have the same brand recognition in many local markets and have to fight for all the candidates we can get.”

Beyond pipeline issues, Moncayo and his team were concerned with the online application process a candidate experiences when they make it to the careers page. Optimizing this candidate experience was another key priority for Moncayo when bringing on a new solution. “Our organization had long promised that we needed to change the way we recruit, but by 2015, we were far behind the curve because we didn’t have a dynamic way to connect with people,” he said. “We were a ‘post and pray’ shop, but needed to create connections with candidates. We knew technology was a key part of this equation, but we were limited because our former ATS and the candidate experience was so poor.”

Using a Veteran Hiring Program

Premise has also strategically leveraged Engage and their Managed Services to strengthen its robust military and veteran hiring program. According to Moncayo, this program “is important to us, because we want to give back to a group of individuals who have served their countries — and they make great employees.” Partnering with the Jobvite Engage Managed Services team, the Premise team has been able to leverage industry-leading best practices to deploy campaigns targeting veterans, military-friendly, and military-spouse candidates, spreading the word of how high priority this area of recruiting is for the organization.

Expanding quality healthcare with the best doctors around

After two years of working with Jobvite, Premise’s hiring team has seen major improvement — not just in its day-to-day, ATS-fueled organization but in its applicant numbers. With an over 20% increase in applicants from first to second year, Jobvite Engage has helped Premise target and bring on the best doctors for its ever-expanding patient base.

“In the two years we’ve had Jobvite, our number of applicants has gone through the roof. Jobvite has a way of making the application process less difficult — so we’ve changed that touchpoint for the candidate and our applications have skyrocketed.”

Right now, Premise works with over 280 employer partners and provides healthcare for millions of covered lives across America, but as the company continues to expand, finding the best physicians for its clinics will become even more important. With Jobvite, Premise can target, engage, and, ultimately, hire top healthcare professionals to continue caring for its members and keeping them healthy.

About Premise Health

Premise Health is the world’s leading direct healthcare provider. For the past 50 years, forward-thinking organizations around the globe have relied on Premise to deliver the industry’s widest range of customizable services, and the highest quality of care available through a direct healthcare access provider. Delivering phenomenal access with onsite, nearsite, and 24/7 virtual care, Premise has pioneered the most effortless healthcare experience to date.

About Jobvite

Jobvite is leading the next wave of recruitment innovation with Continuous Candidate Engagement (CCE), a candidate-centric recruiting model that helps companies engage candidates with meaningful experiences at the right time, in the right way, from first look to first day. The Jobvite Platform infuses automation and intelligence into today’s expanded recruiting cycle to increase the speed, quality, and cost effectiveness of talent acquisition. Focused exclusively on recruiting software since 2006 and headquartered in San Mateo, Jobvite has thousands of customers including LinkedIn, Schneider Electric, Premise Health,, and Blizzard Entertainment. To learn more, visit or follow us @Jobvite.

"The thing that was the most compelling for me with Jobvite was that it had its roots in this social way of connecting people to jobs. That’s the trajectory that my team needed to go in."

Eddie Moncayo
Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Premise Health

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