Jobvite provides Progressive Insurance with a single-source system for ATS and CRM


  • Need for modern features, such as texting and Google scraping
  • Disjointed customer relationship management (CRM) and applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Deteriorating satisfaction with existing talent acquisition solution
  • Lack of satisfaction with customer support and services


  • Access to text capabilities through Intelligent Messaging
  • Improved functionalities across source attribution, source tracking, Google job scraping, and automated sourcing
  • Single-source system for ATS and CRM
  • Better recruiter and candidate experiences alike

Expected Results

  • Optimized recruiter, hiring manager, and candidate experience
  • Improved insights for candidate tracking
  • Enhanced efficiency

Founded in 1937, Progressive Insurance was built on the foundation of providing consumers with basic insurance that anyone could afford. Now trusted by close to 30 million policy holders, the brand has since become the second largest U.S. private passenger auto-insurer and expanded their offerings to include Property, Personal, and Commercial policies.

Additionally, the organization currently employs more than 60,000 people and is currently projected to reach 70,000 within the next few years. On an annual basis, they receive approximately 750,000 job applications annually and make between 20,000 to 25,000 internal and external fills.

Of the total annual hires, internal mobility accounts for approximately 40%. Furthermore, Progressive displays their dedication to employees by filling a significant number of their above entry-level positions with an existing internal employee.


Time for a change

Prior to adopting Jobvite, Progressive Insurance had been utilizing multiple vendors to meet their Applicant Tracking System and CRM requirements. These systems, whether individually or the integration between, posed complications for Progressive.

Neil Lenane, Business Leader of Talent Acquisition at Progressive Insurance, pointed out that “We were looking for a vendor willing to invest heavily in their Applicant Tracking System and provide a level of service appropriate for our needs as a large employer. We were also looking for additional modern functionality beyond core recruiting, such as candidate texting.”


A long-term, dedicated TA partner and centralized recruiting solution improving efficiency and experiences

Given the state of their TA tech stack, Lenane – along with the rest of Progressive’s TA steering committee – recognized it was time to implement a new TA software provider that offered the features his team required to better enable their recruiting approach.

Progressive was sure to complete their due diligence across several leading talent acquisition software providers, keeping functionality, partnership, scalability, and both internal/external experiences in mind.

Lenane recognized during their evaluation that “there is no singular product that fits every organization’s needs, it’s about choosing which one fits best for your company,” said Lenane.

This is a primary reason as to why Employ was created, pulling together three advanced ATS solutions in order to provide a built-for-purpose recruiting technology that is tailored to unique organizational hiring needs.

Lenane noted how Jobvite checked many boxes for Progressive:

Candidate and Recruiter Experience

Progressive heavily values both candidate and recruiter experience to enable better outcomes for all parties.

“While we deeply care for our external candidates, we also prioritize experiences for both recruiters and hiring managers alike. If the platform is intuitive, a recruiter can use the tool more effectively. This makes the interview and hiring process more seamless by avoiding delays, loss of information, etcetera,” explained Lenane.

Modern Functionality

Modern recruiting requires modern functionality, such as candidate texting, job scraping, and chat bots.

“We really had a need for modern day features. To name a few, opportunities to leverage Jobvite’s career site, candidate texting, chatbots, and Google job scraping excite us,” said Lenane.


A combined ATS-CRM solution with native capabilities that helped with source attribution, candidate pipeline tracking, job board integration, as well as data access and transparency was a primary focus for Progressive.

“We used to force two systems to speak to one another, and sometimes, those systems didn’t speak well with the other. Today, I don’t need to worry about that. It’s much more seamless in Jobvite because it has the CRM built in,” explained Lenane.

Business Relationships

Progressive also found great value in Jobvite’s willingness to partner with Progressive, scaling alongside one another’s business.

“Another reason we selected Jobvite was due to the progress we see on the roadmap and the way you collaborate with your customers. This made us feel like we’re a true priority and not just another customer,” said Lenane.

Expected Results

Enabling internal mobility, automation, and data transparency with modern functionality

Jobvite’s service is intended to help Progressive realize its desired headcount growth goals and high-level business objectives. Lenane explained “Progressive is only growing, we’re currently over 60,000 employees and expect to reach 70,000 in the next few years.”

Ideally, Progressive’s success with Jobvite will be centered around efficiency.

“The key to everything is efficiency as that’s the main driver we can impact; if we become more efficient, our long-term costs will improve.” Lenane continued to explain, “we’re expecting the [Jobvite] system allows us to do things that we couldn’t do before, like texting and integrations among many other things.”

Lenane also noted how Progressive’s concerted focus on internal mobility is of high importance to their brand and employee satisfaction.

“Internal profiles mean a lot,” said Lenane. ”With a strong culture where people come for a job and stay for a career, I’ll hire thousands of people externally, but they’re mostly in entry-level roles. I only have a need to go outside to hire external employees about 20% of the time for anything above entry-level positions.”

With a sophisticated CRM and automation technology baked right into the Jobvite platform, the Progressive talent team hopes to build a scalable and repeatable hiring program that fosters progress with core efficiency metrics — including time to fill and cost per hire — as well as hire attract, engage, interview, and advance the right internal and external talent.

“We’re hoping the system will allow us to do things that we weren’t able to do before,” said Lenane. “Moving forward, efficiency is going to be key for us in terms of automation and integration. If our recruiting and hiring processes can be automated, the team can spend more time on other initiatives.”