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Cutthroat Job Market Forces Recruiters To Rethink Tactics to Engage Candidates, 2014 Jobvite Social Recruiting Study Finds

San Mateo, Calif., October 15, 2014— Jobvite, the comprehensive recruiting solution for the world’s fastest growing companies, today announced the results of its Social Recruiting Survey. Now in its seventh year, the Social Recruiting Survey is the most comprehensive of its kind and analyzes trends within the recruiting space. More than 1,800 recruiting and human resources professionals across industries and regions completed the survey in August 2014.

This year’s data underscores the point that social recruiting is now the norm and is used by 93 percent of recruiters across industries. However, due to an increased demand for skilled workers, social is no longer enough on its own to attract and hire quality talent. The study found more recruiters are taking a multi-channel approach, much like marketers, to find, engage and hire the best talent in this competitive job market.

“Companies today are fighting in a war for the best talent, which is forcing recruiters to seek new avenues for engagement,” said Dan Finnigan, CEO of Jobvite. “Unlike previous year’s studies, recruiters today have a variety of weapons in their arsenal, from mobile and social to referrals and beyond, and they’re taking a multi-channel approach to find and hire talent. For the modern recruiter, the process starts long before the application and demands a growing pipeline of talent that can be nourished and tapped into at any time.”

Although the report affirms the value of social media with 73 percent of recruiters planning to increase their investment in social recruiting in 2014, 82 percent of recruiters feel their social recruiting skills are proficient or less. Mobile became an important asset to job seekers in 2014. Although 43 percent of job seekers actively use mobile to find jobs, 59 percent of recruiters currently invest nothing in mobile career sites.

Other notable findings include:

Recruiters and job seekers are not on the same page.

  • Job seekers are increasingly using mobile to search and apply for new jobs, but many companies do not offer mobile career sites.
  • However, the mobile movement is gaining momentum, as 51 percent of respondents plan to increase their investment in mobile recruiting.
  • The respondents who are leveraging mobile have seen an impact on candidate engagement, especially in quality of hires.

Recruiting Is Marketing.

  • Recruiters recognize the importance of taking a multi-channel approach and said they plan to increase investment in a range of recruiting tactics, including social media, referrals, corporate career sites and direct sourcing.
  • 60 percent of recruiters said referrals are still the top source for finding the best candidates.

Demand for highly skilled labor is high, but supply is low.

  • 69 percent of recruiters expect hiring to become more competitive in the next 12 months, especially for in-demand positions such as Engineering, IT, Operations, Sales and Marketing.
  • Despite the skilled labor shortage, hiring is at a high with 34 percent of recruiters anticipating filling between 11-50 job positions within the next 12 months.

The best recruiters across industries are leveraging social media to enhance recruiting efforts from start to finish.

  • LinkedIn is still the preferred social channel for 95 percent of recruiters to search, contact and engage candidates.
  • Facebook and Twitter are the two top channels recruiters utilize to showcase a company’s brand — 59 percent of recruiters surveyed use Facebook and 44 percent use Twitter to educate potential candidates on employer’s culture.
  • Social media is a valuable tool recruiters use to vet candidates even after the interview process — 18 percent use Twitter and 35 percent report using Facebook.

Think Before You Post— Recruiters Are Watching

  • More than half of respondents have reconsidered a candidate based on their social profile, with 61 percent of those reconsiderations being negative.
  • Illegal drug references are still the top point of contention for 83 percent of recruiters, with sexual posts coming in at a close second at 70 percent.
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes (66 percent) irk recruiters more than profanity (63 percent).

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