Announcing Full GDPR Compliance of Recruiting Software Platform

SAN MATEO, CA, June 11, 2018 — Jobvite (, the industry leader in best-of-breed recruiting software, has announced full compliance of its platform with new European Union requirements set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With GDPR compliance, Jobvite ensures that its collection of data and privacy practices satisfies current personal data privacy guidelines in Europe, and other regions across the globe. Similarly, Jobvite has introduced new easy-to-use, self-service capabilities that make it simple for customers to navigate GDPR requirements themselves, and guarantee that their recruiting and onboarding programs stay in compliance thus avoiding hefty penalties.

“At Jobvite, we fully understand the importance of GDPR and the type of impact it will have on our customers,” said Jobvite CEO, Dan Finnigan. “We’re embracing these new regulations to simultaneously provide enterprises with peace of mind and the cutting-edge tools required to comply with GDPR standards. This way, they can focus on engaging top talent at the right time, and in the right way, without fear of noncompliance.”

As a global leader in recruiting software, Jobvite has developed the tools required to help its customers seamlessly transition to GDPR compliance, which places the impetus on organizations to help users understand how their data is collected and used, and to protect that data from potential data breaches or malicious attacks. Key among these is the right for data subjects such as contacts, applicants or new hires to have their data erased. With the latest update to the company’s platform, Jobvite has made this possible through simple features and software improvements. Customers will be able to avoid costly compliance fees and easily meet core GDPR requirements, which include: user consent for data collection and use; the right to access, rectify and be forgotten; and compliance reporting for GDPR audits.

With the platform, customers are able to obtain unambiguous consent from each and every candidate through features such as automated email alerts and Request of Consent forms for candidates via career sites. Customers can also meet enhanced data subject rights — which include requests to view information, update their candidate profile or have their data deleted — with ease. Finally, Jobvite’s robust reporting system lets customers easily track and report all data-related activities through detailed, automated consent and purge audit reports that withstand the scrutiny of GDPR regulation.

Not only does Jobvite provide customers with everything needed for the GDPR, but the platform itself also follows compliance guidelines, providing companies with peace of mind from top-to-bottom in the recruiting process. For more information about Jobvite and GDPR, please visit

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