Product Description Addendum

This Product Description Addendum (the “Product Addendum”) will become part of the executed agreement between Employ, Inc. (“Jobvite” or Employ”) and Customer that references this document. The Product Addendum describes the licensing limitations and functionality of the Services identified on an Order Form entered into between Employ and Customer and the licensing .

This Product Addendum was updated August 23, 2023. Jobvite reserves the right to periodically modify the Product Addendum, and such modification will automatically become effective in the subsequent Renewal Service Term.

  1. Definitions and Licensing:

1.1 Definitions.

“Employee Limit” shall mean the total number of employees employed by Customer at the time of the Order Form Effective Date.

“Expires On” shall be the date by which the Order Form must be signed by the Customer to be valid. Jobvite may, at its option, honor Order Forms signed by the customer after the Expires On date.

“Quantity” shall have the meaning ascribed to “Employee Limit” in the Agreement. If no definition is included in the Agreement, Quantity shall mean the total number of employees employed by Customer at the time of the Order Form Effective Date.

1.2 Licensing.

1.2.1 Renewal Cap. Fees for each subsequent Renewal Service Term will be subject to a price increase to be made effective upon the effective date of the Renewal Service Term not to exceed the change in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics Consume Price Index – All Urban Consumers (“CPI”) during the most recent twelve (12) month period plus five percent (5%). Notwithstanding the forgoing, Employ may implement new fees or adjust pricing for a Renewal Service Term to the extent Customer renewal decreases unit, volume, term or products from the immediately preceding Service Term, or by providing at least six (6) months notice of Fee changes prior the end of a Service Term. For the avoidance of doubt, no price increase will apply during a Service Term unless a Customer exceeds licensing limits or as mutually agreed between the Parties. This section 1.2.1 will not apply to the extent the Agreement or Order Form explicitly indicates an alternative Fee cap.

1.2.2 Multiyear Excessive Use. Notwithstanding any master subscription agreement, terms of service or other similar agreement governing use of the Employ Services by Customer made between the Parties, in the event of a multi-year Service Term, Employ will assess actual total Customer employee volume at the anniversary of the Effective Date of the Order Form in excess of the Employee Limit (“Excess Use”) and may apply a prorated increase in pricing for use in excess of the Employee identified in the Order Form solely to the extent that the prorated increase in Fees for Excess Use exceeds any annual price increase present in the Order Form not attributable to increased Employee Limit or additional product offerings. Fees charged for Excess Use will be invoiced automatically in accordance with the Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, there will be no other price increase during a Service Term for the same products and services. This section 1.2.2 will not apply to the extent the Agreement or Order Form explicitly indicates an alternative price or process for Excess Use.

  1. Products:

Employ’s Jobvite products are composed of several modules. These modules are further described in section 6 of the Product Addendum. Unless otherwise stated, product use limitations will be subject to the Employee Limit identified in the applicable Order Form, or other limitations specifically designated by the applicable Order Form. Standardized implementation offering configuration limitations may apply. All products will include the following features:


Jobvite products will be made available in English. Additional languages may be purchased at an additional cost as part of the Jobvite Language Packs, unless otherwise required by law.

Single Sign On

Configuration of a SAML 2.0 provider allowing for users to authenticate from your company’s single-sign on provider. Users can be asserted with default roles.

Standard User Roles

Standard Roles and privileges for Company Administrator, Recruiter, and Employee with default behaviors.  

Non-standard Roles

Configuration of standard roles with additional privileges or defining new custom roles (I.e., Marketer, Sourcer, Internal Recruiter, Executive Recruiter).  


DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) set up to customer domain for signed and secure email delivery.

Data Segmentation

Ability to segment data based on company, business unit and location and assign users and roles to specific segments. Please refer to section 2.3.2 for any limitations and timing related to this feature.

Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite Essential – Jobvite talent relationship management product, including the following modules and limitations:

  • ATS
  • Intelligent Messaging
  • Career Sites
  • Apply Workflow
  • Job Broadcast
  • Data Exchange
  • DE&I‌

Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite Standard – Jobvite talent relationship management product, including the following modules and limitations:

  • All modules included in Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite Essential
  • Source & CRM
  • Chatbot (Basic)
  • ZCIS
  • Evolve Analytics

Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite Complete – Jobvite talent relationship management product, including the following and limitations:

  • All modules included in Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite Standard
  • Employee Referrals
  • Internal Mobility
  • Agency Portal

Evolve Recruitment Marketing Suite CX – Jobvite recruitment marketing product, including the following modules and limitations:

  • Career Sites
  • Apply Workflow
  • Job Broadcast
  • Evolve Analytics
  • Data Exchange

Evolve Recruitment Marketing Suite CRM – Jobvite recruitment marketing product, including the following modules and limitations:

  • Intelligent Messaging
  • Source and CRM
  • Apply Workflows
  • Employee Referrals
  • Internal Mobility
  • Data Exchange
  • ZCIS

Evolve Recruitment Marketing Suite Complete – Jobvite recruitment marketing product, including the following modules and limitations:

  • Intelligent Messaging
  • Source & CRM
  • Career Sites
  • Apply Workflows
  • Job Broadcast
  • Employee Referrals
  • Internal Mobility
  • Agency Portal
  • Chatbot (Advanced)
  • Evolve Analytics
  • Data Exchange
  • ZCIS

Evolve Analytics Complete – Evolve Analytics add on that includes the following:

  • Everything in Evolve Analytics
  • Two (2) customizable dashboards
  • Two (2) additional data sources that may be integrated, professional services may apply
  • Surveys
  • Professional service hours for configuration not included, must be purchased separately

Evolve Analytics High Volume – Evolve Analytics add on that includes the following:

  • Everything in Evolve Analytics
  • Seven (7) customizable dashboards
  • Four (4) additional data sources that may be integrated, professional services may apply
  • Surveys
  • Professional service hours for configuration not included, must be purchased separately

ORC Parsing – A secure, hosted web service that integrates  into Oracle Recruiting Cloud to parse in-line with ORC application processes with the ability to parse in 40+ languages and capture candidate profile, education history, work history, professional licenses, language skills, competencies/skills. ORC Parsing deployment requires customer purchase Oracle Recruiting Cloud product to function, and may be subject to configuration requirements in the Oracle Recruiting Cloud product to function correctly.

Integration Connector – Integrations not otherwise included in a purchased product will require the purchase of an Integration Connector, which shall entitle customer to connect third party software products to an Employ product. Integrations may require additional professional services or support not included in the Integration Connector product.

Language Pack – ATS UI official language packs available for English (US), English (UK), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Swedish, and Vietnamese.

  1. Services Support:

Care Service & Support – Provides Customer the support services for the Services as defined in the support policy located at Applicable where identified in the Order Form or where no support offering is identified on an Order Form.

Premium Service & Support – Provides Customer the support services for the Services as defined in the support policy located at        

  1. Implementation and Professional Services:

See applicable Statement of Work.

  1. Module Feature Descriptions. Jobvite products are composed of various modules and services, a description of modules are included here. Legacy products no longer generally available (“Legacy Products”)

ATS: Applicant tracking system that uses automation and intelligence to help you hire faster, smarter, and with confidence. Our ATS software streamlines the entire hiring process, helping customers to increase hiring effectiveness and velocity.




Hiring process workflows that define the candidate to hire lifecycle. Workflow stages are configurable and reportable throughout the platform.

Approval Chains

Approval workflows in support of requisition and offer approval routing. 

Requisition Forms

Form(s) required to support requisition creation, approval, and job advertising.

Custom Fields for req, candidate and apply

Custom fields in support of requisition, candidate profile and apply form data collection.  

Communication Templates

Email based templates for notification to candidates, hiring managers and recruiters throughout the hiring process.  

Apply Forms

Initial application forms are presented to candidates when they apply for jobs.  

Screening Forms

Additional forms that support automated knockout and scoring rules for candidate applications and post-application follow-up. Scores can automatically move candidates into different workflow stages. 

Interview Evaluations

Custom forms with best practice options to collect feedback from individual interviewers and interview panels. 

Candidate Dispositions

Reason codes for candidate decision making used in reporting and compliance. 

Offer Letter Templates

Custom fields and related templates to define and produce offer letters in the ATS.

Onboard‌: Native within the ATS, the onboarding system makes the process easy, efficient, and paperless. Enable new hires to become productive quickly, giving them and your talent acquisition team a centralized platform for all onboarding activities. 



Onboard Process Templates

Process templates group onboarding forms and tasks into manageable and reusable groups in support of onboarding automation. 

Onboard Forms

Definition of both standard (i.e I-9, W4, WOTC, etc.) and custom forms for data collection in the onboarding process. 

Onboard Task Templates

Templates that define and automate standard tasks in the onboarding process including related notifications.  

Onboard Custom Fields

Custom data collection fields in support of onboarding forms, tasks and process. 

New Hire Portal

A mobile-friendly, web-based portal for new hires to review and complete onboarding tasks and forms as well as track overall progress. 

Source & CRM: Source and nurture your best talent at scale and ensures you have the right talent identified and engaged before your business needs them. The technology enables the segmentation of passive and active job seekers into talent pools and strategic audiences to support proactive sourcing and talent pipelining for efficient recruiting.



Workflow Stages

Configure workflow stages in each of the major use cases (jobs, folders, import, referrals, internal mobility, etc.). Move candidates through stages. Trigger automated emails based on moving candidates to particular stages.

Automated Sourcing

Automatically source and engage past applications who are relevant for open job requisitions. Configure email campaign and settings. Track high open and conversion rates, as well as source of hire.

Upload to ATS

Upload identified candidates into your ATS (if configured), including connecting to a job (if applicable).

Talent Network

Allow candidates to express interest in your company without applying for a job. Talent Network candidates can be engaged in CRM by recruiters. Talent Network candidates can be asked various questions which can be used as fields and filters in CRM.

Audience & Lifecycle

Define and organize your candidates into audiences (including key talent, strategic, and relationship). Create programs to run on audiences (via filters). Identify the lifecycle stage of a candidate with your organization. Easily filter and set up programs based on lifecycle.

Visitor Pool

See visitors to your career sites in CRM when they are identifiable. See and filter on job and page visits. See interactions with your career site, including searches and browser/device

Predefined Tags

Define and create a tagging system to track CRM usage with your team. Easily identify, find with filters, and organize your candidates (including via auto-search). Report on your candidates with tags.

Default Filters

Improve usability of CRM filters for specific use cases (folders, import, referrals, etc.) by setting default filters to display and other filters that can be used. Users see those defaults and can also choose other filters to use

Custom Filters

Custom filters from the custom fields, allowing support for various CRM use cases.

Ghost Filters

Ghost filters always run for specific roles to exclude candidates (I.e. exclude executive candidates from regular Recruiters). Cannot be removed by individual users.

Auto Search

Automatically run saved searches to auto-segment candidates into jobs/folders/tags/audience/lifecycle. Automatically search 3rd party databases and bring candidates into CRM (with configurable limits and timeframes).

External Search (Integrated 3rd Party Databases)

Ability for recruiter to activate license to 3rd party database using their credentials. Concurrently search 3rd party databases in real time for results. Add full candidate profiles to CRM and add to folder/job candidates that match criteria following the job board license terms. Leverage in Auto-Searches. Current included resume database access includes Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder, and Indeed. Note: Resume database access requires a valid license from the respective vendor to utilize.

View Public Profile

Share a URL to a candidate record in CRM to hiring managers without requiring authentication. Contains basic data and Resume view.

Desktop Tools

Chrome Extension that can extract data from a web page and create a CRM Candidate profile. Option to review and add to folder/job/tag/audience/lifecycle. Forward emails containing resumes to a private email address to add candidate profiles to CRM.

Import Profiles

Import Zip file of resumes and create candidates. Import CSV of list of candidates and fields to create candidates. Import data into custom fields and indicate source and folders/tags/audience/lifecycle. Define your own CRM specific sources to import.

Custom Fields

Custom candidate fields to support ATS integration and sourcing process needs, as well as apply workflow questions for talent network and events. Visible on candidates and can be used in custom filters.

Auto Email

Save time by automatically sending emails to candidates based on joining talent network, applying to job, or being added or moved to job/folder/talent network stage

Mass Email

Create and schedule email campaigns to large audiences. Track conversion and progression of the campaign.

Email Templates

Creation of core email templates for core use cases and campaigns. Leverage rich HTML, company branding and optional wording. Use these templates as basis for recruiter custom templates.

Job Lists

Configure list of jobs to use as default merge codes for email campaigns, as well as Jobs lists where recruiters can add sourced candidates.

Confirm Consent from ATS or Apply

Set up consent tracking from ATS or Apply Workflow into CRM. Use Consent as part of email campaign to include/exclude candidates based on consent.

Send Text / Send Mass Text / Add to Text Campaign

Engage with candidates via Text (with Intelligent Messaging license) from within CRM. Interact with candidates with one-on-one conversations, or campaign to 1 or more candidates with text campaigns or mass text. See high engagement and response rates from texting with candidates.

SMS Templates (if licensed for Intelligent Messaging)

Creation of core text templates for core use cases and campaigns. Set compliance templates for various keywords.

Send for Review

Set up Recruiter and Hiring Manager review of sourced candidates. Reviewer gets notification of candidates to review in context to a folder pipeline or job. Reviewer can give recruiter feedback on each candidate and see summary of review.

Brand and Locale

Track engagement of candidates who interact with your company brand and in their language/locale. Use that information to make brand-specific or language-specific campaigns.

Engagement Score

See how engaged candidates are with your company. Candidates’ engagement increases as they interact with your career site, apply workflow, and email campaigns. Filter candidates by engagement.

Re-Engagement / GDPR / Data Deletion

Configuration of company rules to re-engage past applicants. Use these rules to support GDPR initiatives and data deletion.

Other Attachments

Make other attachments (collected from Apply or from the ATS) to be visible and accessible from CRM users.

Apply Workflow‌:  Simplify and streamline the application process and achieve the industry’s highest candidate conversion results. Working with your existing technology, you can easily and automatically extract resume and social profile data into your applicant tracking system.



Indeed Quick Apply

Support for the Indeed quick apply feature where candidates begin their application directly on Indeed and are then transferred to complete the application on the career site transferring already entered or saved data from Indeed.

LinkedIn Integrated Apply

Support for the LinkedIn integrated apply feature where candidates begin their application directly on Indeed and are then transferred to complete the application on the career site transferring already entered or saved data from LinkedIn.

Email Apply Later

Ability to save a partial application and resume at a later time or on a different device.

Static & Dynamic Questions

Ability to ask standardized static questions in any workflow or to set rules that determine which questions show based on additional criteria.  The questions may be used for basic data collection and pre-screening activities.

Additional Attachments

Ability to collect additional file attachments during the application process. Note: Attachments are limited to 10MB per attachment by default.

Job Broadcast: Provides a centralized place to efficiently manage all your job postings on a broad network of job boards, social networks, and agency partners. Assign supported job boards based on specific job attributes to ensure jobs are posted where they’ll be seen by the most relevant candidates.



Job Lists

Create and organize your jobs into lists using standard and custom fields and criteria. Leverage job list membership to support automatic and selective distribution to job boards.


Automatically send jobs to your choice of job boards based on your job list rules. Leverage both free and paid subscription boards (using your own subscription)

Selective Broadcast

Allow your recruiters to choose specific jobs and post to paid job boards or niche job boards using your own job board contracts.

Organic Job Boards

Automatically send your jobs to major organic sources of traffic, including LinkedIn and Indeed. Generate applications to your soon after you publish them to your career site.

Compliance Boards

Send all your external jobs to various compliance boards (using your own contract) to support your OFCCP goals.

Conversion Tracking

Every interaction with your jobs are tracked and tagged with source attribution. Automatically flow that attribution into your ATS with source mapping. Report on source of views, applications, and hires.

Source Mapping

Manage the mapping of the various sources of candidate traffic bidirectionally with your ATS.

Job Board Apply

Support creation of candidates directly from major job boards, including Indeed and Monster. Increases candidate flow and conversion rates from these boards. Some boards also support full screen questions (both dynamic per job and compliance). Requires Apply Workflow license.

Manage Board Contracts

 Distribution of jobs to supported job board contracts are managed through standardized feeds, integrations and interfaces from the ATS platform.

Career Sites‌: Attract job seekers and make compelling first impressions – with relevant, targeted content and a delightfully easy job search and apply process. Deliver personalized content to career site visitors and job recommendations based on their interests and preferences.



Templated career Site

Best-practice templates that can be adapted to brand style guides and navigation.

Supporting Content Pages

Additional static and dynamic pages may be added to any career site to support career related content such as events, diversity initiatives, college recruiting, job families and general hiring process guidelines.  

Events Sign Up pages

Ability for job seekers to sign up for events utilizing the Talent Network functions of the platform and/or apply to jobs associated with events.

Standard Job Search

Full-text, keywords-based job search

Google Job Search

Job search integration with Google for Jobs indexing and Google search on the career site(s) to support search term stemming and auto-correction.

Faceted Job Search

Allow customers to define facets for searching jobs on company career sites enabling candidates to organize and filter jobs by set categories (I.e. brand, department, country, state, remote work, etc.)

Social Share

The ability for job seekers to share job postings on major social networks through their profiles. Supported sharing includes email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Job Notifications

Email based job alerts for jobs matching candidate entered criteria.

Candidate Personalization

The ability to automatically pick up location information from a candidate and other job preferences to tailor the job search experience.

Chatbox: Intelligent Messaging Web chatbot to engage candidates and answer questions in a career page.



Answer Questions

Any number of intents related to candidate questions can be configured with answers. The intent of the question can be configured with many different variations of how a candidate might ask the question. Question responses may be text, URL or combination. May be configured to answer follow up questions in some cases. Question examples include:

–        What are the benefits of a job?

–        What vacation do you offer?

–        What is your overtime policy?

–        What are your health benefits?

–        Do you offer dental?

–        What is the company culture like?

Search for Jobs

Direct candidate to jobs based on questions submitted to chatbot. Question examples include:

–        I am looking for nursing jobs in Chicago, IL

–        Find me a job

–        Find me a engineering job

–        Find me a job in Chicago

Join E-Mail List

Collect candidate information to retain for future job opportunities. Workflow may include the following questions:

–        The Chatbot will ask several questions to gather name, email, phone

–        You can also asking email consent, SMS consent

–        The response will be either “You are on talent network” or a link to Apply Workflow to finish Talent network join

Employee Referrals‌: Increase participation in your employee referral program while optimizing workflows to ensure each referral is tracked with the appropriate incentives and eligibility requirements. Track engagement campaigns, referral bonuses, probation periods, and referral ownership.



Referral Workflow

Create the referral application form, including custom questions for the employee. Add branding, support for 42 languages, and other options. For full capabilities and features, see Apply Workflow.

Employee Portal

Communicate with employees on the status of their referrals, the gamification events and recent activities, summary of gamification points, leaderboards, and information about the referral program.

Employee Notifications

Keep your employees informed on the progression of their referrals. Configure template communication and on what status change to send updates.

Referral Templates

Create engaging email templates for referred candidates and employees. Use cases include referral invite to apply, status updates to employees, and referral ineligibility.

Core Settings and Translations

Set the eligibility period, mappings for ATS statuses, what determines hire including date and probation period; configuration of all terms and translations for communication with employees

Incentive Groups

Configure incentive groups/tiers and rules of what jobs belong in each tier. Automatically assign incentives and updates as jobs are synced from ATS.


Determine rules and criteria for eligibility for an employee to receive incentive for a referral. Automatically calculate on each referral and referral status change and (optionally) communicate with employee when ineligible. Create custom ineligibility rules to match your referral program requirements.

Internal Mobility‌: Encourage your employees to see a future within their own organization instead of elsewhere. Internally engage, develop and maximize employees by intelligently aligning them to opportunities and experiences where they will have the most impact and personal growth.



Internal Career Site

Either a stand-alone integrated career portal for employees or combined with employee referral features as a best practice.  Employees may search and apply for jobs with specific internal job content and apply workflows.

Talent Assessment

An integrated talent survey to collect internal mobility goals and aspirations from employees.  These fields can be used for search and data segmentation in the CRM.

Custom Fields

Support for custom fields for data collection during the talent assessment and apply workflows for employees. 

Talent Lists (Stages)

Internal grouping capabilities to support internal mobility pipelining in the CRM. Stages can track eligibility, skills groups and/or specific employee lifecycle events.

Intelligent Messaging‌: Built specifically for the unique needs of TA and seamlessly integrated into all Jobvite solutions, Intelligent Messaging makes it easy for teams to organize, share, track, and automate text conversations. Candidates can quickly and easily apply by texting your short code phone number.



1-to-1 and Quick Send (1-to-many)

Quickly Send individual 1-1 text messages or start messages to 100 individual conversations in-bulk.

Texting Campaign

Schedule a series of automated text messages with a customizable date schedule to continually bulk message those candidates increasing engagement.

Keyword Bots

Publicly market your keyword and phone number enabling candidates to text in a specific keyword and go through an automated series of customized screening questions and data collection via SMS for apply.

Amplify Bots

Schedule a sequence of messages to large audiences of candidates such as to notify potential candidates for upcoming hiring events.

Text to Apply

Ability for candidates to apply for a job directly over text message. Ask questions, capture resumes, and automatically create an application within the ATS based on the information captured via the bot conversation.

Personal Preferences

Set up personal preferences for customized welcome messages, out of office auto messages, call forwarding, Bitmoji, and notification settings.

Chrome Extension

Allow users to text candidates from multiple sites via access to a chrome extension bringing texting capabilities to any website.

Mobile App

Recruiters can continue text message conversations while on the go or away from your desktop right from within the Jobvite mobile app.

Library Content

Create re-usable content such as questions, messages, links, or documents into shared folders for all recruiters to use or personal folders.

SMS Consent

Industry standards are applied to opt in or out of receiving text messages.

International Numbers

International texting is supported for countries where local government regulations allow it.

Short Code

5-to-6-digit phone number used in recruiting so candidate can quickly apply.


In-app, pre-built analytics reports cover user-specific and company-specific metrics.

Evolve Analytics‌: Our Evolve Analytics module is designed to help TA teams tell their talent data story. Turn data into action with out-of-the-box dashboards and automated alerts that identify issues in your talent pipeline. Automatically learns what’s working and what’s not based on industry benchmarks and your historical performance data.



Journey/Web Analytics Across the HR Tech Stack

Single view into hundreds of supported HR systems to track and measure your candidates activity regardless of the number of systems they navigate through. A reliable singe source of truth for real-time TA performance metrics in candidate experience, sourcing effectiveness, hiring and recruitment marketing.

Sourcing Analytics

Automatically track the source of each visitor and persists it across the journey. Your Career Website is not a source, it’s a destination and you need to know what is driving your Candidate traffic. In addition to the core source tracking, you can also drill down into any specific source to better understand how sources perform by location, organizational structure (Job Category, Job Function, Job Family, etc.), by device and many more dimensions to truly understand where sources are working and where they aren’t.

Automated Alerts

Set goals and targets for any data point and let the tool proactively measure how you’re doing. We’ll even send you alerts when specific metrics fall outside of set tolerances.

Unified Analytics

Pre-built interactive dashboards show KPIs on candidate experience, sourcing effectiveness, recruitment marketing performance, and hiring. Data modeling and logic join external web analytics with known candidate statuses (quality candidates and hires) to provide deep analysis and visualization to source and campaign performance.

Feedback & Surveys

The embedded candidate feedback/surveys features let you trigger feedback anywhere, anytime throughout your process. Use them based on applicant statuses in your ATS, when they complete an application, or any step in between. The feedback response is always unlimited and you can deploy it across as many digital interactions as you’d like.

Advanced Analytics Standard includes:

  • Three (3) standard, out of the box dashboards
  • One (1) additional data souce that may be integrated, professional services may apply

Data Exchange‌: Gives customers direct access to their recruiting data through Data Exchange. The Data Exchange allows customers to access and integrate the raw recruiting data from Jobvite with data from other external sources for custom analytics and dashboards in external business intelligence tools.



Standard Reports

Utilize module-specific standard reports to pull common data needs, such as candidate pipeline, requisition approvals, time to file, and source activity

Custom Reports

Customize any standard report with custom fields or additional related attributes or start with any one of our 20+ data models to design a new report to fit your needs.

Executive Dashboard

Dashboards combine metrics from several different Evolve products to create a high-level summary of all TA activities. Dashboards can be sent as executive-friendly PDFs or image files to make them easy to consume.

Report Builder

Our point-and-click report builder allows users to create reports from scratch using 20 different visualization options and our standard data models, covering all major modules within the Evolve TA Suite

Scheduled Reports

Our scheduling engine allows users to deliver reports and dashboards via email, SFTP or AWS S3 bucket on a one-time or recurring schedule. All filters available in the report can be set per schedule, allowing for relative and custom date ranges and filters such as Department, Category, Location, etc.

Data Exchange

Access your Jobvite data via a direct database connection. Data can be used in the customer’s data warehouse, reporting tool, or integrated into another system for advanced analysis.

DE&I‌:  Help employers attract, engage, and convert a more diverse pipeline of talent and assist in reducing unconscious bias during the candidate resume review process. This includes the Job Description Grader and Bias Blocker. Track and report on the diverse demographics of candidates and effectiveness of diversity hiring initiatives.



Bias Blocker

Removes unconscious bias by intelligently de-identifying resumes.

Job Description Grader

Research based analytical tool that combines AI, data science and industry benchmarks with current DE&I best practices to deliver insight into how to make your job postings more inclusive.

Candidate Matching

Ability to identify the best-fit candidates automatically through comparing who are most closely aligned with a job description or in comparison to other similar candidates

Agency Portal: The Evolve platform can give an agency (a specific agent) access to submit candidates through the platform. Agencies or external recruiters that you assign to a requisition can submit their candidates to you through a portal. You will receive notification of new candidates submitted by agencies and the source will be properly attributed to that agency.



Portal Configuration

Standard, best-proactive configuration of the agency portal module within CRM.

Per Agency Access

Standard support for multiple agencies with access control per agency on the portal.

Post Jobs to Specific Agencies

Ability to segment specific jobs for agencies to view and submit candidates to as well as specific workflows for agency submission.

Submission notification

Email based notifications when an agency submits a candidate.

ZCIS (Zero Click Intelligent Sourcing): Zero-Click Intelligent Sourcing (“ZCIS”) is a tool designed to maximize the value of your CRM by automatically identifying and inviting quality candidates in your CRM to apply for a specific job.  ZCIS is configurable based on business rules and configuration is set at the job list level, thereby allowing customers to fine tune business rules by job type, location, and need.

  1. Service Levels:

The Jobvite Services described in Section 2 of this Product Addendum will be subject to the uptime commitments made by Jobvite to a Jobvite Customer identified here.

  1. Integrations:
Customer may use certain add on products, products provided by third parties, or integrations that may be subject to additional terms. These terms shall apply only to the extent Customer utilizes the products described in the applicable section.
  1. SMS Text, Chatbot Services. Subject to the Agreement, the Parties agree that the SMS Text, Chatbot, and Acceptable Use Policy Addendum located at is incorporated by reference and will apply to the provision of the Services solely to extent that Customer uses SMS text messaging or chatbot services provided by Employ.
  2. Docusign. Subject to the Agreement, the Parties agree that the Docusign Addendum located at is incorporated by reference and will apply to the provision of the Services solely to extent that Customer uses Docusign products in connection with the Services.
  3. Linkedin RSC. Subject to the Agreement, the Parties agree that the Linkedin Recruiter System Connect Addendum located at is incorporated by reference and will apply to the provision of the Services solely to extent that Customer uses Linkedin Recruiter System Connect products in connection with the Services.
  4. Google Talent. Subject to the Agreement, the Parties agree that the Google Cloud Talent Addendum located at is incorporated by reference and will apply to the provision of the Services solely to extent that Customer uses Google Talent products in connection with the Services.