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Jumpstarting Talent AnalyticsHear from Kyle Lagunas, lead researcher at IDC, and Robert Tsao, Chief Product Officer at Jobvite. In this webinar, learn the 4 key tenets in leading organizations’ data strategies.Watch
4 Recruiting Benchmarks to Measure ROILearn why tracking your data matters more than ever before! Deep dive into the 4 Recruitment Benchmarks to best measure ROI which include: click to apply rate, cost per quality applicant, source of applicants and hires, and time to hire. Learn from Chris Foreman, Founder and CEO of Appcast in this webinar.Watch
2017 Recruiting Funnel Benchmark ReportThe 2017 Recruiting Funnel Benchmark Report is based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of our Job Seeker Database, which houses data from over 69 million job seekers—the largest, most comprehensive collection of applicant data yet Download the report today!Read More
3 Steps to Build a Better Recruiting BudgetCheck out “3 Steps to Build a Better Recruiting Budget” to see which cost metrics to watch and how to track them, how data can help you understand and optimize your budget and why even basic data and cost analysis leads to smarter hiring.Read More
The Complete Recruiting Metrics KitCan you prove your recruiting ROI? Download our Recruiting Metrics Kit and discover your must-have recruiting analytics and metrics. See how you stacks up against recruiting industry benchmarks collected from thousands of Jobvite customers and millions of job seekers. Read More
The Recruiting Funnel, DeconstructedTake a deep dive into each stage of the recruiting funnel and learn about the metrics that matter most. Get the Recruiting Funnel Deconstructed eBook now to learn key benchmarks for the recruiting industry and how your program stacks up.Read More
Metrics That Matter: 4 Ways to Prove Your WorthMetrics prove ROI on a new recruiting initiative, highlight a leak in your recruiting funnel, or lead to a promotion. Learn how to identify and deliver the right numbers your company needs to see and improve your recruiting metrics.Read More
Recruiting Analytics: 5 Ways to Benchmark SuccessThere's a new recruiting metrics model. How and why is it different and what are the new best-practice benchmarks? Find out in "Recruiting Analytics: 5 Ways to Benchmark" with details on what to measure, how to measure - and communicate results to senior management.Read More
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