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7 Ways to Attract, Engage, and Convert Diverse CandidatesA diverse workforce is more than just a nice-to-have. It’s critical to building a strong employer brand, and benefits companies by increasing creativity, profitability, and employee retention. Our ebook, 7 Ways to Attract, Engage, and Convert Diverse Candidates, helps you get started.Read More
21 Minutes to Improve Diversity Hiring in 2021Join us for a conversation with Jobvite’s VP of Talent, Kelly Lavin, and Amy Hughes, Sr. Director of Customer Enablement at Jobvite, on best practices to increase diversity hiring in 2021. Help ensure your workforce is representative of the community and customer base you serve.Watch
Empowering Recruiters with AI & AutomationMorgan Llewellyn, Chief Data Scientist at Jobvite and Jesse Ofner, Solutions Architect at Jobvite discuss how talent acquisition teams can apply AI and automation to recruiting in this webinar at HCI's 2020 Strategic Talent Acquisition Virtual Conference.Watch
Infographic: 2020 Job Seeker Nation – Targeted Audience PlanningThe 2020 Jobvite Job Seeker Nation Report helped you better understand today's candidates, what's most important to them, and how you can deliver the personalized content at the right time through their preferred channels. This infographic shows some of the insights from this year’s report that can help you build your audiences and hire the right candidates for your organization.Read More
The Summer to Evolve: Two Talented on Offer to OnboardIn this Summer to Evolve Two Talented webinar, Chad Sowash, co-host of the Chad & Cheese podcast, and Elaine Orler, founder and CEO at Talent Function, discuss how to convert winning candidates into high-performing team members with Jobvite's SVP of Operations and Customers, Peter Clare.Watch
2020 Job Seeker Nation ReportFor the past ten years, Jobvite has surveyed job seekers about the job market, and their take on topics from preferred communication channels to free office snacks. This year was a little different, as the job market has changed drastically over the past few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 Job Seeker Nation Report provides timely insights into the realities, challenges, and preferences of today’s workers.Read More
How to Choose an ATSChoosing the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for your organization can be a daunting task. You need something automated, yet personal, easy-to-use, but customizable, and affordable, but still has the bells and whistles. That's why we've put together the top 10 questions your recruiting software partner needs to answer in our guide, How to Choose an ATS.Read More
Jobvite Onboard Data SheetJobvite Onboard gives your new hires a great onboarding experience, while helping your organization reduce administrative costs, manage compliance, and improve time-to-productivity.Read More
The Ultimate Onboarding ChecklistOnboarding doesn’t just start and end with your employee’s first day on the job. This checklist is designed to give you the tips and tools you need to deliver a smooth, successful—and fun!—onboarding experience for each new hire.Read More
2020 Job Seeker Nation Report

When Change is the Only Constant: Timely insights into the
realities, challenges, and preferences of today’s workers.


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