Bring Top Talent Into Your Hiring Funnel With an Applicant Tracking System

Three people in suits looking at a laptop in a glass office

The hiring funnel is more complex today than it used to be. Recruiting top talent requires more than running a couple of classified ads, conducting interviews and picking a candidate. When you want the best of the best, an applicant tracking system is the key to finding new hires and bringing them on board.

Source From Past Applicants

Only one person can fill a vacant position, but you’re likely to attract a large pool of qualified applicants with each job listing. Recruiting software records applicants’ information and builds a database of talent from which you can pull when another position becomes available. Rather than spending hours flipping through paper files, you can search this database for applicants with the right qualifications.

Reach More Potential Candidates

When you want to attract new talent, using an applicant tracking system opens up more channels for job postings. Job boards, career sites and classified ads are still viable avenues through which to advertise, but social media has become a popular platform for job seekers to find positions. With more touch points to reach candidates with appropriate skill sets and experience, you’re more likely to find the right fit.

Initiate and Maintain Engagement

When a candidate inquires about a position or submits an application, you don’t want to let this contact lie dormant. Staying connected is a critical part of the hiring process. Interested applicants want to know where they stand and will move on if you leave them in the dark. Use an ATS recruitment program to stay in touch and build relationships with all qualified talent entering your hiring funnel so that you don’t lose the perfect candidate to a competitor.

Streamline with Automation

A software platform speeds up recruiting by allowing you to automate many of the administrative tasks in your hiring workflow. Data entry takes up quite a bit of time, and errors can create bottlenecks and leave candidates hanging. With automation, you and your hiring team can spend more time homing in on the best talent while communicating and sharing information directly through the recruitment platform.

Conduct Smart Candidate Assessments

You may attract thousands of applicants for a single position, and a good proportion of them are likely to be missing one or more qualifications necessary for proficiency at the job. When you use software to track applications, you can set the program to automatically screen out unqualified individuals. You can then choose from the remaining pool of applicants and update information to further narrow down your choices as you conduct interviews.

Using ATS recruitment fills up your hiring funnel and makes the entire recruitment process easier. Recruiting software puts the tools in your hands to attract, track and onboard the best candidates and creates a streamlined process you can rely on to fill every position as your company grows.