Does Your Company Culture and Mission Matter to Potential Candidates?

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Employers are buckling up for another turbulent year in the labor market by determining how they can make their employer brands more attractive to candidates and optimize recruiting programs. And whether you are an enterprise organization hiring for hundreds of new roles this year, or a growing company looking to add several key new positions, companies of all sizes are seeking to leverage the latest processes, programs, and technologies to connect with qualified candidates. In fact, 54% of HR decision makers reported that they plan to increase recruitment spending this year.

But with historically low unemployment, recruiting professionals are still struggling to source qualified hires. Candidates also have higher expectations than ever before and want to work for mission-driven companies with a strong workplace culture that aligns to their own values.

When it comes to staying competitive in the labor market, one of the best tools companies have is leveraging their culture and their organizational mission for talent attraction. Your culture reflects what it’s like to work in your company; it’s the shared values, practices, beliefs, and attitudes that guide the way work is accomplished and employees behave. A strong culture and purpose-driven mission are invaluable tools for both recruitment and retention, and have been linked to higher levels of business performance.

How Culture and Mission Impact Talent Attraction

Job seekers are clear that a company’s mission and culture are highly important to them. In fact, based on Employ data, more than 1 in 5 workers (23%) say they would accept a job offer because of company values, mission, and culture. Beyond this, more than two-thirds of employees (65%) believe it takes less than one month to determine if they are a good match for the organization’s mission and culture, and 55% say they would leave a job if the organization was not aligned with their expectations or values. Recognizing the value that a transparent culture and intentional mission have in attracting — and retaining — employees is paramount to your recruiting efforts.

Candidates Are Still Shuffling

Although notable layoffs have occurred in the tech sector, candidates in other industries, like healthcare, manufacturing, and professional services, are still on the move, seeking positions that better align to their demands for higher compensation and a stronger culture. This has led to employee turnover, creating pressure on recruiting teams to quickly fill empty positions. And as many talent professionals have found out, a strong employer brand and clear mission propels a more positive recruiting experience and can help talent teams stand out and convert applicants into qualified hires.

Looking at What a Candidate Wants

With high turnover still common, recruiters see first-hand that candidates want a company that cares about their professional and personal growth. According to a recent Lighthouse Research & Advisory Report, 83% of candidates want to know about future growth opportunities during the hiring process. Even more telling, building deeper connections with managers, peers, and the core values of the company is one of the top-rated priorities for candidates.

Job seekers also want to work for a company that prioritizes DE&I in its policies and hiring practices, and cares about their wellbeing. Candidates are also looking for better benefits (34.4%), career advancement opportunities (12.6%), and remote work flexibility (21.3%).

One of the biggest challenges in hiring today is retaining quality employees who are looking for more from their employer. Strategic talent acquisition teams are investing in their employees by developing internal mobility programs that provide career growth opportunities and referral incentives.

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Prioritize Your Authentic Employer Brand and DE&I Activities

Remember, candidates are looking for an employer that provides a supportive culture, competitive benefits, purpose-driven mission, and internal mobility opportunities. They expect employers to be flexible with remote work and provide a workplace that represents a wide diversity of people in all position levels. And while employees leave their jobs for a variety of reasons, nearly five percent of job seekers admit they leave an organization in seek of a company with greater diversity.

To compete in today’s fast-paced market, recruiting teams must invest in making the workplace a better place for all. A promising 33% of HR decision makers plan to increase their investments in DE&I programs this year, according to Employ data. Put company culture, a clear mission, and DE&I at the top of the budget list, and you will see tremendous improvement in candidates that align to your values and drive workforce performance.

Get Started Building a More Robust Employer Brand

With qualified candidates in short supply, today’s job seekers continue to have the upper hand in the labor market. Start improving your ability to attract candidates with a strong employer brand and clear mission.

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