Recruiting Benchmarks: How Enterprise Companies Stack Up

Recruiting top talent is a challenge for every organization, but it can be especially daunting for enterprise-level companies. Hiring at this scale requires a massive investment of resources, and the stakes are high, with the results affecting the company’s strategic direction and overall success.

In today’s job market, it is imperative to stay on top of hiring trends and recruiting benchmarks regardless of the size or level of an organization. For this reason, Employ conducted a comprehensive survey with responses from over 1,200 HR decision makers, talent acquisition professionals, and recruiters.

The goal? To gain valuable insights into the hiring practices and recruiting benchmarks of businesses of all sizes — from small startups to enterprise-level organizations.

The results of this in-depth survey offer indispensable information for employers seeking to navigate the current state of hiring and anticipate what lies ahead. This report provides a high-level analysis of the survey findings, capturing the hiring trends that cut across companies of all sizes and recruiting complexities.

With this report in hand, you’ll have greater perspective on the current hiring landscape and be better equipped to make informed decisions. So, whether you’re an HR professional, recruiter, or leader in talent acquisition, take advantage of this comprehensive survey and use the insights to elevate your hiring practices to the next level.

Enterprise Recruiting Benchmarks at a Glance

One of the most striking findings from this survey is the caution displayed by enterprise organizations when it comes to hiring over the last 12 months. While growth in hiring volume is on the rise, many enterprise companies are still exercising caution, likely due to concern about economic uncertainty.

This caution is reflected in the number of hires made across enterprise organizations in the last 12 months on average — 26% of large companies made between 101 and 250 hires, and 18% made between 51 and 100 new hires.

However, there is also good news on the horizon, with 35% of enterprise organizations anticipating somewhat more hires in the next 12 months and 24% anticipating significantly more hires. This suggests that larger companies are still growing, albeit at a slower rate than smaller organizations.

Another key finding is the high volume of job applicants received by enterprise organizations. Larger companies tend to receive the highest number of job applicants, likely due to their larger employer brand recognition and increased recruitment marketing budgets. However, despite the high volume, just 20% of enterprise organizations interview between 31% and 40% of applicants.

Get the Full Scope of Research

These findings offer valuable information for employers looking to understand the current hiring landscape. But the Recruiting Benchmarks Report offers so much more.

With comprehensive data on hiring practices and recruiting benchmarks for small businesses, medium-sized companies, and enterprise-level organizations, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the trends shaping the job market.

Don’t miss out on this essential resource for talent professionals and recruiters. Download the Recruiting Benchmarks Report today and stay ahead of the competition.

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