Recruiting Success Through Smarter Job Advertising

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The rise of programmatic advertising has been at the center of revolutionizing the online advertising space. Now programmatic technology is doing the same in the recruitment industry. Finding the best candidates takes research, time, and effort – often making the management of multiple job advertising campaigns difficult. Today, thousands of organizations are beginning to rely on programmatic technology to optimize and execute their recruiting campaigns, a serious game changer for talent managers.

To better understand how programmatic recruitment advertising works, I asked Mark Oreta, Chief Technology Officer at Jobvite partner, JobTarget, to explain more. Since joining JobTarget a couple years ago, he’s helped guide how to connect organizations with great candidates – including exactly how programmatic advertising is making that happen.

Q: What exactly does programmatic mean?
Programmatic advertising is a fully automated system that uses data and algorithms to help recruitment managers make informed decisions about hiring. Unlike regular recruitment practices where you might list your job opening on several general job sites, programmatic advertising can automatically list the job opening across numerous relevant job sites and for the duration needed for each specific open position. Recruitment marketing is managed across leading job sites and selective niche job site partners. In addition to large job sites and niche sites, programmatic advertising can also utilize social sites as well.

Performance data metrics are used to determine which job sites are most successful, then the programmatic advertising platform adjusts based off this data. For example, if a certain posting is not performing well on a certain job site, the system will shift the budget to other sites that are producing results, so money is not wasted on under-performing sites.

Each job opening has a specific and targeted campaign to deliver you the best and most qualified candidates. Programmatic advertising’s data is often highly -advanced, especially when its decision-making intelligence is based on years in the recruiting business and over 100 million job postings. This decision-making process is both automated and optimized, ensuring that your job posting will be in front of high-quality traffic.

Q: How can Programmatic advertising help me as a talent manager?
Talent managers have come to rely on programmatic advertising because of how well it produces results. The many benefits include:

  • Increased Reach. Programmatic platforms give you wider access to job boards, both large and small to find the absolute best-qualified candidates for open positions.
  • Maximized Efficiency. The recruiting process takes a lot of time, especially when you have several jobs open at the same time. Programmatic technology minimizes the manual work generally associated with job postings.
  • Effective Results. Because strong data is at its core, you’ll find more, better qualified candidates faster.
  • Cost Savings. You gain access to the best job boards for your open positions, therefore spending less money on recruiting efforts. The cost per applicant decreases since you won’t be over-bidding on job sites that are not working for you.
  • Flexibility. Many hiring platforms allow you to decide how to use programmatic advertising. The benefits of this include the ability to shift budget to and from job listings based on their applicant response. Need to focus on one role out of several (or vice versa)? You have the freedom to do so.
  • Ease of Use. Simply set a monthly budget and let Programmatic manage your ads.

Q: What powers Programmatic recruitment advertising?
Programmatic technology takes the guesswork out of recruitment advertising. Instead, the use of data and algorithms improves the entire recruiting process. With the use of deep historical analysis from millions of job postings, predictive analysis learns from every job posting and automatically optimizes campaign performance in real-time. So as the intelligence improves with more data, so does every job posting. Using proprietary performance data, analyzed by AI (artificial intelligence), programmatic advertising leads to smarter decision making to optimize the recruiting process.

The technology behind programmatic advertising is very similar to that behind modern online advertising. It’s a very complex back-end built by engineers and data scientists, made to be easy-to-use.

Q: What role does JobTarget play here?
JobTarget was founded on the principle that the internet could deliver better recruitment advertising on behalf of its customers. We continue to push toward that goal every day with better technology and investments in that technology.

Since our algorithms and predictive analytics build on both historical and current information, recruiting ads are always being put in front of the best candidates. As job recruiting continues to evolve, so does JobTarget’s programmatic offering. Because it uses real-time information and artificial intelligence to continually improve, it’s on the cutting-edge of recruitment management.

Ready to bring programmatic technology to your candidate search? JobTarget’s fully -automated recruiting solutions can help. Contact us today!