10 Tips to Mastering Social Recruiting on LinkedIn

With so many sites and options to use in a social recruiting strategy, it can be overwhelming trying to master the nuances of each social media channel. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Over the next few weeks on the blog, we’ll be highlighting tips and tricks to best utilize your social recruiting mix. Let’s get started with everyone’s favorite professional networking site, LinkedIn.

10 Tips for LinkedIn

10. Define your recruiting messaging strategy

As with any type of recruiting, messaging is key. Work with your TA team to solidify your recruitment messaging before you start posting and engaging on LinkedIn. Create a messaging guide for easy reference when creating new campaigns that any recruiter can access and use. Be sure to include things like post cadence, personalization, and language to create a consistent brand message.

9. Automate sourcing to match candidates with job requisitions

Automation and AI are helpful ways to source your talent network when a new job is posted. They save time and effort of recruiters by filtering through digital piles of resumes. Use your LinkedIn candidate pool to match skills and experience with job requisitions to get a head start against competitors with sourcing.

8. Personalize messaging

Nobody wants to get spammed with a generic message about a job opportunity that’s completely irrelevant to their skills and experience. Long gone are the days of mass messaging in all types of marketing – but especially recruitment marketing. Personalize messaging to candidates based on their interests, experience, skills, and network connections to maximize engagement.

7. Develop a content strategy with employer brand messaging and value proposition

Recruiting on LinkedIn isn’t all about messaging candidates and posting job requisitions. An effective social recruiting strategy includes posting quality content to your feed that communicates a strong employer value proposition and brand. This is a great way to share with candidates your company values, DEI initiatives, and employee stories to show them why they would love to work there.

6. Use tools to invite applicants, engage candidates, and more

Integrating LinkedIn with your ATS doesn’t just make it easier to filter applicants – it also offers automated tools to make engaging with your talent network more efficient. Recruiters can utilize these tools to send invitations to candidates to apply for a new position or even send follow-up messages about the job. These tools save time and effort for TA teams, especially in high-volume hiring.

5. Update your employer profile

Your company LinkedIn profile should give candidates an idea of what it’s like to work for you. Go beyond just filling out your business address and contact information. Your feed is a great place to share employee stories, thought leadership in your industry, company updates, and more. Keep your profile active to keep your talent network engaged and interested in your brand.

Tip: Define what individuals or teams will keep up with your LinkedIn profile. Is it TA or marketing? Work with them when developing your communication strategy.

4. Share relevant content with top prospects

One of the best ways to engage with a candidate is to show that you care about their interests. LinkedIn is full of great content on the latest trends in work. Find an article that would resonate with them and either share it with them or comment and tag them. This extra step of personalization will help you stand out and connect.

3. Utilize one-click applications and text to apply

Candidates are always on the go and want an easy application process. Don’t make them jump through hoops by creating an account on your career site to apply for one job. Utilize easy apply features like One-Click Apply on LinkedIn to allow candidates to easily apply from anywhere.

2. Track metrics to improve strategies

As with all recruiting strategies, it’s crucial to analyze key metrics when testing a new recruitment marketing tool. Look at KPIs like candidate conversion rate, career site visits, and post engagement to see what content is resonating with candidates, and how easy it is for them to find what they need. The best recruiting teams constantly use their data to look for ways to improve candidate experience as well as time saves for recruiters.

1. Utilize three key integrations with LinkedIn and Jobvite

Jobvite was the first ATS to offer three key integrations with LinkedIn to provide recruiters and job seekers with a better experience. Our ATS integration quickly identifies candidates and verifies their information, eliminating the pain of sourcing on multiple disconnected systems and ultimately reducing time-to-hire.

Expand your social recruiting with Jobvite

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