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Your Weekly Checklist for “The Summer to Evolve” — August 17-21

See how effective content strategy drives recruitment marketing success.

Say the words “content strategy” to a recruiter and their eyes might glaze over. That’s something for the corporate marketing team to worry about, right?

Wrong! In Week 10 of The Summer to Evolve, we explored the intersection of talent acquisition and content strategy. It turns out there’s plenty of opportunity for talent pros to learn from content marketers — not to mention working together to achieve their organization’s goals.

Hot Takes from Week 10 of “The Summer to Evolve” 🔥  


  • Recruiters and marketers have more in common than you’d think! Candidates expect the recruitment process to deliver the same seamless experience they encounter in B2C marketing.


  • Jobvite’s most recent Job Seeker Nation report found that, although job boards are still the most popular source for job openings (69%), job seekers are increasingly turning to traditional “marketing” channels like LinkedIn (42%) to find job info.


  • Remember that “content” is more than just the written word. Using a variety of formats and channels — including video, photos, and even audio — can enhance your recruitment marketing efforts.

Top Ways to Get Started with Content Strategy THIS WEEK 

🔲 Work on building personas for different types of candidates. Effective content strategy requires relevant, targeted content for each unique audience — so it’s important to have a good understanding of who you’re trying to reach.

🔲 Start looking at job descriptions through the lens of content. Every job description is essentially a landing page for job seekers, so the content needs to “sell” the role you’re trying to fill.

🔲 Set a meeting with your marketing team, to enlist their help with talent acquisition content. They’re experts on telling your company’s story, engaging an audience, and motivating them to take action — so they’ll be a great resource as you develop your recruitment content strategy.

Top Ways to Improve Content Strategy THIS MONTH  

🔲 Dig into content opportunities that go beyond job descriptions. Anything that helps potential employees picture themselves as part of your company is a recruitment asset! This includes D&I content, employee profiles, company culture features, and more. Build a network of “sources” throughout your organization to help you uncover the best stories.

🔲 Build a stronger relationship with your marketing team, and get serious about collaboration. Get them involved in your content efforts, to make sure you’re telling a consistent story at every touchpoint. Tap into marketing channels (like the company blog and newsletter) to share recruitment-focused content.

🔲 Keep things fresh without constantly reinventing the wheel. Give older content new life by putting it in a new format — for example, a video can be repurposed as a blog post. Then break that blog post into smaller chunks that can be promoted on social. Use every asset in as many ways as possible, to reduce the effort of content creation.

Thanks for joining us for Week 10!  

Be sure to check out this week’s session recordings for lots more practical tips to help recruitment marketers develop and refine their content strategy. Next week, we’ll dig into the hot topic of AI and automation, and how they can help to improve outcomes in your talent acquisition program.