The Top 5 Ways to Justify Recruiting System Investments to Execs

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Wouldn’t it be great to get credit for hiring better candidates, maximizing productivity, and increasing ROI? With an applicant tracking system, you can. ATS tools, which streamline the candidate hiring process, reduce time and expenses associated with hiring. They also track applicant progress and determine if your company is retaining new employees. If you’re trying to get your executives on board with applicant tracking software, here are five key selling points.

1. Improved Productivity

These days, mobility and job flexibility are increasingly important in the workplace. One advantage of making the hiring and recruiting process digital is that it gives hiring managers the freedom to recruit from anywhere and hire outside of standard office hours. With the adaptability of recruiting software to phones and mobile devices, hiring and keeping candidates informed of their application status is easier than ever.

2. More Social Outreach

Traditionally, applicant recruiting was restricted to a few limited channels. ATS software expands your hiring outreach to many more, including social media. Evidence shows tremendous advantages to using social media for hiring purposes. As of 2017, nearly 85 percent of businesses used some form of social media to recruit candidates. If your company hasn’t yet done so, you’re missing a large pool of candidates.

3. Better Employee Retention Rates

According to statistics, nearly half of all new hires leave their new job within a year. Why? One reason is lack of ongoing communication. Many companies make the mistake of leaving new employees hanging after hiring. Hiring managers may become busy onboarding the next person and lose a new hire in the process. Recruiting software makes it much easier to keep in touch with prospective candidates and notify them of their application status.

4. Attract the Best Applicants

Nearly half of all companies say that of all aspects of their business, hiring is one of the most challenging. At a time when companies are competing for the best applicants, everyone wants the competitive edge for recruiting and hiring. If you want to get ahead, technology lends a helping hand. Using software to seek out applicants also makes the hiring faster and more effective. By giving you the option of filtering for specifics like experience and demographic information, it also allows you to target only candidates who appear to be the best fit. With added capability like videos, online chat functions, and customized templates, it’s easier than ever to attract and retain top candidates.

5. Identify Room for Improvement

With features like real-time reporting and constant feedback, hiring managers can learn where an employee is struggling and how to help. Hiring software also allows talent acquisition managers to identify larger trends in the company’s hiring process. This provides an opportunity to see where there’s room for improvement in the overall recruitment effort. There are many reasons why it makes sense to use an applicant tracking system in your hiring process. From quickly narrowing a field of candidates to attracting the most qualified applicants, a tracking system will dramatically improve your company’s hiring process. Improving productivity, spending less money on hiring, increasing your company’s visibility, and freeing up valuable time are just a few compelling reasons to convince your executives to invest in transformative hiring software.