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Using an ATS and a Video interview platform, American Wedding Group was able to accelerate their reach. They also benefited from having a simple, efficient platform.


American Wedding Group saw a much quicker hiring process, while hiring better quality candidates that were more industry-relevant.


For family-owned wedding services company American Wedding Group (AWG), an outdated, manual hiring system simply wasn’t working. As the nation’s leading provider of wedding photography, video, and disc jockey services, matching customers with quality employees has been an important facet of the company’s success since its inception in 1978.

Operating in over 60 markets, AWG works to deliver a handpicked, customized wedding experience to brides and grooms across the country. However, AWG’s nine hiring managers were having difficulty managing the company’s growing talent acquisition process through its traditional by-hand process. After a review of solutions, Director of Production Scott Mitchell selected Jobvite Hire over several other options due to its ease of use, reach, customizability and multiple login options.

Jobvite has allowed AWG to transform its talent system and accelerate the company’s growth. With the addition of newfound organization and expanded reach to the company’s already impressive offering, “we’re doing things now that we never thought we could pull off, and that wouldn’t have happened with our old hiring methods. Jobvite invigorated our entire recruiting process,” says Mitchell.

Streamlining the Hiring Process

While an ATS has become standard in the world of hiring, that wasn’t always the case. Mitchell explains that, before implementing Jobvite Hire, AWG’s hiring process was outdated, inefficient, and didn’t allow the company to experience the growth possible in the industry. “We used to place physical ads in print, on Craigslist, and CareerBuilder, and then physically track each response by hand,” Mitchell says. “We would get the email responses in, file them away, and each regional manager would own tracking, contacting, and interviewing their respective applicants. It took us 6-8 weeks from the date of running the ad to making an offer to hire someone.”

After adding Jobvite to the company’s hiring repertoire, Mitchell and his team noticed an immediate improvement. With a platform that easily integrated into AWG’s existing recruiting tactics, the company’s average rate of hire has gone from 6-8 weeks to just 14 days, vetting and implementing new candidates with newfound efficiency.

Mitchell’s recruiting team also appreciates the customizability Jobvite offers. With only nine hiring managers overseeing over 60 markets, Mitchell explains, coordination and collaboration can get tricky. “With nine different people, you can get a bunch of different ways of doing things. What Jobvite’s customizability does for our company is it gives us consistency and professionalism across all of our markets. This way, we’re all on the same page when it comes to how we target and onboard new employees.” Jobvite Hire fits AWG so well that using the software to maintain the hiring program has become second nature to the recruiting team. Because of the ease of checking Jobvite via mobile devices, hiring managers have integrated Jobvite into their day-to-day routines at AWG.

Reaching More Quality Candidates

Before Jobvite Hire, AWG’s lengthy hiring process caused many potential hires to slip the through the cracks. Now, Jobvite allows the company to keep track of hires and massively extend its reach. “Jobvite reaches so many more recruiting platforms that we didn’t know were accessible, like integration with Indeed and other job boards,” Mitchell says. “It has helped us discover candidates that we didn’t know were there before. They’re finding us as much as we’re finding them, and our candidate quality has gone through the roof because of it. I think we are better positioned to give our clients more options of more well-qualified people now.”

For AWG, with expanded reach comes increased selectivity. Now that the company has almost tripled the amount candidates it can review, AWG’s hiring managers can afford to carefully consider candidates and ultimately secure the best-quality hires. Between the 2,147 candidates that have filtered through AWG’s Jobvite hiring system since its initial launch in July 2013, the company has brought aboard 307 Videographers, Photographers and DJs as contractors, while opening offices in seven new locations.

Working with our Industry

While targeting quality hires has been a primary priority for its Jobvite-fueled recruiting program, AWG’s creative industry presents an unusual wrinkle in the company’s hiring formula. In targeting its video, photo, and music professionals, AWG found that traditional methods of hiring weren’t always effective, particularly at a distance. To combat this, AWG tested Jobvite’s new Video offering, where Mitchell’s team can conduct interviews via video to reduce hiring time and allow creative candidates to demonstrate their talents up front.

In one week alone, Mitchell himself conducted over 40 interviews using Jobvite Video, which helped pare down his 150-person applicant pool and bring the process to the face-to-face stage. “Normally I’d need a couple of weeks to set everything up. Jobvite Video has allowed me to organize everything. The video does what a onehour phone screening would do, but even better,” Mitchell explains. “For me, in this initial period, I can already see hours and hours of my own time utilized more efficiently because of it.”

Jobvite Video has also allowed Mitchell and his team to understand a candidate’s presentation, reaction time, and, most importantly, creative thinking, helping AWG target and secure the highest quality candidates for the industry. “The wedding industry is personality driven, and weddings are all about how you present to clients,” Mitchell explains. “Video has given us the capability to level the playing field between creative professionals, so we can witness the way they present themselves in-person. Jobvite Video has given me the confidence to make a more informed hire.”

Thanks to its increased reach, streamlined organization, and face-to-face video capabilities, Jobvite has helped American Wedding Group target high quality, creative candidates in less time than ever before, maximizing the company’s growth and future success.

About American Wedding Group

The American Wedding Group is the nation’s premier wedding service company. Founded in 1978, our core brand became the nation’s most recognized, recommended and chosen wedding service in the United States. Ultimately, American Wedding Group was established to give us the flexibility to meet the varying tastes and needs of today’s bride. Today, American Wedding Group locally serves over 50 markets through our four distinctive house brands and leading industry partners.

"Jobvite Video has allowed me to organize everything. The video does what a one-hour phone screening would do, but even better."

Scott Mitchell - Director of Production at American Wedding Group
Scott Mitchell
Director of Production, American Wedding Group

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