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Industry First – Innovative Integration with Leading Social Networks

SaaS recruitment application brings power of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to help employees, recruiters and companies make quality hires

SAN FRANCISCO – February 10, 2009 – Jobvite, creator of next-generation recruitment solutions, today announced integration of its fast growing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) recruitment application with the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn®, the leading social network, Facebook®, and largest real-time short messaging service, Twitter. Now, Jobvite customers and their employees can use the valuable – and growing – contacts and information they have in their social networks to target job opportunities to qualified people in their networks – and spread the word virally.

This new product release enables customers and any employee to easily make high quality referrals with new matching technology that recommends a company’s jobs to the appropriate people in one’s immediate networks, improving hire quality and eliminating wasted time and messages. These personalized job invitations, Jobvites, immediately engage recipients – who then can easily share them as well on leading social networks, virally targeting and finding high quality candidates. This is a powerful new addition to Jobvite’s leading eRecruitment application, used by companies to manage all aspects of hiring on an easy-to-use Web 2.0 platform.

“At this time, when so many people are looking for better opportunities through the people they know, and when companies have fewer recruiters and less money for job boards, our goal is to make it possible for companies to seize this opportunity to hire great available talent by empowering their own people,” said Dan Finnigan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jobvite. “Companies these days are filling their most critical open positions and don’t have money or time to waste. Our API integration into the leading social networks – with innovative matching of jobs to profiles – is seamlessly tied into our complete SaaS recruitment platform, enabling companies to find the best candidates most cost-effectively.”

“Our recruiting strategy has rapidly evolved with the growing pervasiveness and utility of social networks,” said Paul Whitney, Vice President of Human Resources at Infinera. “Employee referrals are the most powerful and cost effective way for us to find the special talent we hire. So enabling our employees to send Jobvites to target people in their social networks will help us recruit candidates from the most relevant talent pool.”

Jobvite customers have been raising their recruitment ROI by enabling employees to send Jobvites by email to their contacts in Outlook, Yahoo!, Hotmail and other email services. Companies can easily manage referral hiring because footprints are tracked when candidates apply so that the referral can be attributed to the right employee. At the same time, any contact information from employees’ networks remains private to the employee. With today’s integration with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, this social, viral distribution significantly extends the targeted reach of the company’s job invitation to find high quality people at very little cost.

Today’s product release also enables Jobvite customers to increase the engagement and effectiveness of their company career sites. Career site visitors and job seekers can now, through LinkedIn’s Company Insider widget, see who they might know in the company, increasingly likely because 33 million people now maintain professional profiles and contacts on LinkedIn. And jobseekers can also apply for the jobs on these career sites with their LinkedIn profile, providing a more rich application than just a resume. And when company recruiters are evaluating candidates, they can now easily access the candidates’ public LinkedIn profiles from within the Jobvite eRecruitment application.

In addition to enabling Jobvite users to send job invitations to Facebook friends through the Facebook Connect API, Jobvite has also created a Facebook application that enables the company and its employees to publish jobs on a fan page or on an employee’s profile page. Anyone visiting these Facebook pages can browse interesting opportunities, ask questions of their employee friend, apply to the job and send Jobvites to their contacts. The Facebook application extends the publishing capabilities of a company career site to a vastly larger group of qualified people on viral social networks.

New features in the Jobvite eRecruitment application:


  • Send Jobvites to 1st degree contacts.
  • Jobvite recommends the best matches for the position in your network.
  • Candidates submit their LinkedIn profiles when applying for jobs.
  • Career site visitors can use the LinkedIn Company Insider widget to identify connections at the company.
  • Recruiters and hiring manager can use the LinkedIn Profile widget within the Jobvite eRecruitment application.


  • Send Jobvites to Facebook friends by notification, post, or status update.
  • Jobvite recommends the best matches for the position in your friends.
  • Add a Facebook application that features jobs on profile or fan pages.
  • Facebook Connect is used to integrate with the Jobvite eRecruitment application.


  • Send Jobvites via Twitter by broadcast or direct message (140 characters).
  • Jobvite recommends the best matches for the position in your followers.

LinkedIn® is registered trademark of LinkedIn Corporation. Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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