Jobvite Gives Back to Help Organizations Create More Inclusive Job Postings

Job Description Grader by Jobvite leads the way to meet the market need for talent acquisition diversity & inclusion (D&I) strategies

INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 26, 2021) – Jobvite (, the leading end-to-end talent acquisition suite provider, has launched its new Job Description Grader, a complimentary, online analytic tool used to review job descriptions and highlight areas that can be improved to create more inclusive job postings.

Jobvite’s new Job Description Grader helps TA professionals target the areas where bias appears in job postings, allowing them to adjust and present more inclusive descriptions. The powerful tool uses AI, data analytics, and benchmarks combined with current D&I best practices to analyze job descriptions and identify requirements, experiences, and language that may restrict an applicant pool during screening and evaluation.

Unlike other tools, Jobvite does not stop at gender bias, but also considers racial bias, insensitive word use, readability, and sentiment. Job Description Grader by Jobvite leverages multiple deep learning models to detect if and where a job description may favor, or bias against, a gender or race. As a result, organizations are able to improve the effectiveness and inclusiveness of the job descriptions to help increase applicant volume, increase diversity, and reduce time-to-hire.

According to the 2020 Recruiter Nation Survey, D&I initiatives have become increasingly important to organizations and job seekers, with the majority of companies surveyed having goals in place for diversity in hiring. Jobvite research also shows that more inclusive job descriptions are positively correlated with higher applicant counts and a shorter time-to-hire.

Research shows that companies that establish inclusive business initiatives see a drastic increase in creativity, innovation, and openness,” said Aman Brar, CEO of Jobvite. “While conscious and unconscious hiring bias can have deep roots, the right tools can help facilitate the execution of these initiatives. We believe Jobvite’s new Job Description Grader can help organizations strategically build a more diverse pipeline of talent and ensure today’s workforce is more reflective of the world we live in.”

To coincide with today’s launch, Jobvite is hosting a webinar entitled From AI to D&I: Achieve Your TA Goals in 2021 on Feb. 9, 2021, led by Hung Lee, Curator of Recruiting Brainfood, and Morgan Llewellyn, PhD, Chief Data Scientist at Jobvite. The webinar will cover strategies for driving D&I initiatives forward as well as an overview of the new Job Description Grader. Register here for the event.

Jobvite’s Job Description Grader works with its AI-based Candidate Matching to help customers remove bias and promote equality during screening and evaluation. To learn more about Jobvite and its solutions, please visit or find Jobvite on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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