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August 3-7
Week 8 Offer to Onboard

On YouTube - Tuesday, August 4 (2:00pm EDT)

The Basics in Building Programs to Develop Talent Pipelines for the Longterm

Explore how to build talent pipelines with strategic planning, audience identification, persona development, content planning, and key metrics.

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Karlee Sapp - Training Developer, JobviteKarlee Sapp

WATCH LIVE Wednesday, August 5 (2:00pm EDT)

Two Talented on Offer to Onboard

Chad Sowash, co-host of the Chad & Cheese podcast + Elaine Orler, founder and CEO at Talent Function, on how to convert winning candidates into high-performing team members.

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Chad Sowash
Elaine Orler
Peter Clare

WATCH LIVE Thursday, August 6 (2:00pm EDT)

Offer A Seamless and Virtual Onboarding Experience that Sets New Hires Up for Success

Come learn how Jobvite can help you create a consistent framework for new hires even before their first day on the job.

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Michael Carrino - Senior Implementation Manager, JobviteMichael Carrino

WATCH LIVE ONLY Friday, August 7 (2:00pm EDT)

The Break Room with Jim O’Heir

Hear Jobvite CEO, Aman Brar, joined by Jim O’Heir, American comedian and actor discussing his career evolution, Parks & Rec, and the true identity of Jerry/Larry/Garry Gergich.

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Jim O'Heir
Aman Brar - CEO, JobviteAman Brar

August 10-14
Week 9 Internal Mobility

On YouTube - Tuesday, August 11 (2:00pm EDT)

The Most Important Elements in an Internal Mobility Program

Attendees will learn internal recruitment methods, how to highlight promotion opportunities, and fill requisitions with internal candidates.

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Travis McCormick - Strategy Lead, Innovation and Technology, RolePointTravis McCormick

WATCH LIVE Wednesday, August 12 (2:00pm EDT)

Two Talented on Internal Mobility

Gillian Ramos, Assoc. Dir. of Talent Mobility at Group M + Gina Papa, VP of TA & Retention at Palo Alto, on how to fill roles with talent already inside your organization.

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Gina Papa
Gillian Ramos
Chris Le Breton

WATCH LIVE Thursday, August 13 (2:00pm EDT)

Why Your Talent Search Should Begin from Within

See how Talemetry by Jobvite allows you to add current employees to your talent pipeline so your organization can promote and retain its best employees.

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Will Cope

WATCH LIVE Friday, August 14 (2:00pm EDT)

Internal Mobility, the Secret Sauce to Filling Open Roles

Our panelist from Lessonly and the Jobvite team chat about the hot topic of talent retention and filling roles faster.

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Theresa Koch
Travis McCormick - Strategy Lead, Innovation and Technology, RolePointTravis McCormick
Kunal Kapur

August 17-21
Week 10 Content Strategy

On YouTube - Tuesday, August 18 (2:00pm EDT)

Content Strategies for Recruiters

Attendees will learn how to build a successful recruitment marketing content strategy.

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Amy Hughes

WATCH LIVE Wednesday, August 19 (2:00pm EDT)

Two Talented on Content Strategy

Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute + Joel Cheesman, founder at HRSEO, chat about how to create content that makes your employer brand stand out.

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Joe Pulizzi
Joel Cheesman
Jeffrey K. Rohrs

WATCH LIVE Thursday, August 20 (2:00pm EDT)

Branded Content Creation and Management for Recruitment Marketing Campaigns

We'll show you how Talemetry by Jobvite helps you build recruitment marketing campaign content across multiple channels for a seamless candidate experience.

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Jesse Ofner

WATCH LIVE ONLY Friday, August 21 (2:00pm EDT)

The Break Room with Beth St. Clair

What do improvisational comedy and HR/talent leadership have in common? More than you may think! Join us for a "mini-master class" in improv with Beth St. Clair.

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Beth St. Clair
Jeffrey K. Rohrs

August 24-28
Week 11 AI & Automation

On YouTube - Tuesday, August 25 (2:00pm EDT)

How to use AI to Mature Your Talent Acquisition Program and Improve Outcomes

Join us for a discussion on how AI can mature recruiting for better candidate experiences and improved talent acquisition success.

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Natalie Segro

WATCH LIVE Wednesday, August 26 (2:00pm EDT)

Two Talented on AI in Recruiting

Paul Roetzer, founder of Marketing AI Institute + Ben Eubanks, HR Analyst at Lighthouse Research on how technological advances in software help TA teams  work more effectively.

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Paul Roetzer
Ben Eubanks
Jeffrey K. Rohrs

WATCH LIVE Thursday, August 27 (2:00pm EDT)

Recruit Smarter, Not Harder with Artificial Intelligence

Join this session to see how Jobvite leverages AI to automate attracting, sourcing, screening, and engaging candidates throughout the hiring process.

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Steve McClenon - Sr. Business ConsultantSteve McClenon

WATCH LIVE Friday, August 28 (2:00pm EDT)

Improving Talent Acquisition Program Outcomes with Key Hiring Metrics

Calling all data warriors! The Jobvite team and our panelist from Hill & Knowlton Strategies will discuss talent acquisition data and how hiring metrics improve quality hires.

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Mai Metawie
Stephen Schwander
Zach Linder

August 31-September 4
Week 12 Analytics

On YouTube - Tuesday, September 1 (2:00pm EDT)

Analytics that Matter in Talent Acquisition

You will discover what analytics and key performance indicators are the most important and how to measure them for improved outcomes.

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Karlee Sapp - Training Developer, JobviteKarlee Sapp

WATCH LIVE Tuesday, September 1 (2:00pm EDT)

Two Talented on Talent Acquisition Analytics

Daniel Mintz, former Chief Data Evangelist at Looker + Jason Pistulka, AVP of TA Operations at HCA Healthcare, chat about how TA teams can leverage data to be more strategic.

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Zach Linder
Jason Pistulka - AVP of Talent Acquisition Operations, HCA HealthcareJason Pistulka
Daniel Mintz

WATCH LIVE Wednesday, September 2 (2:00pm EDT)

Drive Better Business Outcomes with Data-Driven Recruiting

Come witness the power of Jobvite's end-to-end recruiting data and how to leverage its insights to make strategic decisions that lead to better business outcomes.

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Katy Jenkins

WATCH LIVE ONLY Thursday, September 3 (2:00pm EDT)

The Break Room with Special Guest

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June 15-19
Week 1 Recruitment Marketing Intro

On YouTube - Tuesday, June 16 (2:00pm EDT)

Recruitment Marketing for Recruiters

Learn how to use recruitment marketing to attract, engage, and convert candidates to help recruiters to build talent pipelines.

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Natalie Segro

View On-Demand Wednesday, June 17 (2:00pm EDT)

Two Talented on Recruitment Marketing

Lori Sylvia, founder of Rally Recruitment Marketing +  Jade Bourelle, Talemetry Founder, chat about why recruitment marketing is (still) necessary and how to get started.

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Lori Sylvia
Jade Bourelle - Executive VP Product, JobviteJade Bourelle
Jeffrey K. Rohrs

Event Ended Thursday, June 18 (2:00pm EDT)

Build and Maintain Strong Talent Pipelines with a Strong Employer Brand

See how Talemetry by Jobvite helps you build a strong employer brand through a branded career site and CRM.

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Jesse Ofner

Event Ended Friday, June 19 (2:00pm EDT)

The Break Room with James Hinchcliffe

Join Jobvite CEO, Aman Brar, as he chats with INDYCAR Series driver and Dancing with the Stars runner-up James Hinchcliffe.

James Hinchcliffe
Aman Brar - CEO, JobviteAman Brar

June 22-26
Week 2 Candidate Screening

On YouTube - Tuesday, June 23 (2:00pm EDT)

Candidate Screening Best Practices

Learn the best practices to screen candidates quickly and efficiently and how to use tech to automate the process.

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Karlee Sapp - Training Developer, JobviteKarlee Sapp

View On-Demand Wednesday, June 24 (2:00pm EDT)

Two Talented on Candidate Screening

Kevin Grossman, President of Talent Board + Amanda Lenker Doyle, Casting Director for TV and film, discuss what it takes to get the right talent in the right roles.

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Kevin Grossman
Amanda Lenker Doyle
Kerry Gilliam

Event Ended Thursday, June 25 (2:00pm EDT)

How To Qualify Candidates Quicker in the Application Process

See how Jobvite helps you intelligently and quickly qualify candidates.

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Don Archer

View On-Demand Friday, June 26 (2:00pm EDT)

Screening Quickly & Effectively with Tech

Join our panelists from AccentCare and Community Health Network as they chat with the Jobvite team about strategies for enhancing screening with tech.

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Valerie Zink
Scott Sendelweck - HR Digital Marketing Manager, Community Health NetworkScott Sendelweck
Janine Woodworth - Director of Strategic Services, JobviteJanine Woodworth
Michael de los Reyes

June 29-July 3
Week 3 Recruiting Roles & Skills

On YouTube - Monday, June 29 (2:00pm EDT)

The Most Important Roles and Skills for a Comprehensive TA Team

Learn the most important recruiter skills and techniques for effective recruiting.

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Amy Hughes

View On-Demand Tuesday, June 30 (2:00pm EDT)

Two Talented on Recruiting Roles & Skills

Bridget Boyle, Head of People & Culture at Roche Diagnostics + Kris Dunn, founder of Fistful of Talent, chat about what makes a great talent acquisition team.

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Bridget Boyle
Kris DunnKris Dunn
Kelly Lavin - Chief Talent Officer, CanvasKelly Lavin

Event Ended Wednesday, July 1 (2:00pm EDT)

Improve Collaboration and Communication with Hiring Managers

Remove the bottleneck of waiting for hiring manager feedback by making it easy for them to participate in the hiring process with Jobvite.

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Lacey Ringlespaugh

July 6-10
Week 4 Candidate Communication

On YouTube - Tuesday, July 7 (2:00pm EDT)

Improve your Candidate Experience with Better Communication Tools & Techniques

Explore how different communication channels including text, chatbots, and social messaging can create positive candidate experiences.

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Natalie Segro

View On-Demand Wednesday, July 8 (2:00pm EDT)

Two Talented on Candidate Communication

Jay Baer, author of Talk Triggers and Hug Your Haters + Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research, chat about how to create meaningful, lasting engagement with candidates.

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Madeline Laurano - Founder, Aptitude ResearchMadeline Laurano
Jay Baer
Jeffrey K. Rohrs

Event Ended Thursday, July 9 (2:00pm EDT)

Candidate Communication As Your Competitive Advantage

See how Talemetry by Jobvite allows you to stay connected to candidates throughout the recruiting process to prevent drop off.

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Phil Faivre

View On-Demand Friday, July 10 (2:00pm EDT)

The Break Room with Damon Wayans, Jr. and Kris Jones

Join Jobvite CMO, Jeffrey K. Rohrs, as he chats with Damon Wayans, Jr. and Kris Jones, co-founders of Special Guest.

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Damon Wayans, Jr.
Kris Jones
Jeffrey K. Rohrs

July 13-17
Week 5 Job Descriptions & Interviewing

On YouTube - Tuesday, July 14 (2:00pm EDT)

Effective Job Descriptions for Today’s Candidates
+ Interviewing Best Practices, In Person & Virtual

We'll discuss the benefits of crafting good job descriptions and conducting effective interviews.

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Karlee Sapp - Training Developer, JobviteKarlee Sapp

View On-Demand Wednesday, July 15 (2:00pm EDT)

Two Talented on Job Descriptions & Interviewing

William Tincup, President at Recruiting Daily + Todd Caponi, author of The Transparency Sale, chat about how to get top talent into their best fit roles.

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Todd Caponi
William Tincup - President, RecruitingDailyWilliam Tincup
Jeffrey K. Rohrs

Event Ended Thursday, July 16 (2:00pm EDT)

Shorten Time-to-Fill By Automating the Interview Scheduling Process

See how Jobvite's Smart Self-Scheduling tool allows you to completely automate the interview scheduling process.

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Steve McClenon - Sr. Business ConsultantSteve McClenon

View On-Demand Friday, July 17 (2:00pm EDT)

Great Recruitment Marketing, Better Candidates

Come hear about how recruiting like a marketer makes a difference with our panelist from JumpCrew as he chats with the Jobvite team.

Watch Now

Eddie Moncayo - VP, Human Resources - Talent Acquisition, Premise HealthEddie Moncayo
Amy Hughes
Jason Berkowitz

July 20-24
Week 6 Employee Referrals

On YouTube - Tuesday, July 21 (2:00pm EDT)

The Basics of a Successful Employee Referral Program

Check out this class to learn how to create successful employee referral programs.

Watch Now

Brett Bazzini

View On-Demand Wednesday, July 22 (2:00pm EDT)

Two Talented on Employee Referrals

M.T. Ray, strategic TA consultant + Josh Anderson, SVP of Recruitment and Admissions at Teach for America, chat about how to engage and incentivize employees to help you recruit.

Watch Now

M.T. Ray
Josh Anderson
Chris Le Breton

Event Ended Thursday, July 23 (2:00pm EDT)

Harness the Collective Talent Networks of Employees

We'll show you how Talemetry by Jobvite drives employee referral program participation and transparency.

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Travis McCormick - Strategy Lead, Innovation and Technology, RolePointTravis McCormick

View On-Demand Friday, July 24 (2:00pm EDT)

The Break Room with Kelsey J. Patel

Join Jobvite SVP of Talent, Kelly Lavin, for a workshop with Kelsey J. Patel, the author of Burning Bright and one of Hollywood’s leading wellness and reiki experts.

Watch Now

Kelsey J. Patel
Kelly Lavin - Chief Talent Officer, CanvasKelly Lavin

July 27-31
Week 7 Building Diverse Audiences

On YouTube - Tuesday, July 28 (2:00pm EDT)

How to use Audiences to Improve Recruiting Results

In this class, attendees will learn the definition of a targeted audience, strategy & tactics to build recruitment marketing plans.

Watch Now

Amy Hughes

View On-Demand Wednesday, July 29 (2:00pm EDT)

Two Talented on Building Diverse Audiences

Jeremy Bird, campaign strategist for President Obama + Kellie Payne-Spencer, AVP of System TA at LCMC Health, on how to get the right message to the right candidate at the right time.

Watch Now

Kellie Payne-Spencer
Jeremy Bird
Jeffrey K. Rohrs

Event Ended Thursday, July 30 (2:00pm EDT)

Defining Key Audiences and Personalizing Outreach Based on Engagement

Learn how Talemetry by Jobvite helps you identify and prioritize key audiences and personalize outreach based on candidate level of engagement.

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Andrew Cunsolo

Event Ended Friday, July 31 (2:00pm EDT)

Building Diverse Audiences and Anticipating Hiring Needs

The Jobvite team is joined by Amy Butchko of SAIC for a discussion about hiring based on business needs and tailoring messaging to specific audiences to beat the competition.

Recording Coming Soon

Amy Butchko
Janine Woodworth - Director of Strategic Services, JobviteJanine Woodworth
Brianne Thomas