Jobvite Group Companies Subcontractors


SubcontractorIndividual Name (if applicable)LocationRelated Product FamilyCould Have Access to Client Personal InformationNotes
84codes AB (CloudAMQP)N/AUSAJobvite Intelligent MessagingNoProvides RabbitMQ as a Service.
Ably Real-Time LtdN/AUKJobvite Intelligent MessagingYesProvider of real-time event notification.
Amazon Web Services Inc.N/ANJ USATalemetry, JobviteYes, as provides IaaSProvides hosting IaaS.
AndelaN/AAfrica, Brazil, USAJobvite, TalemetryYesFlexible staff augmentation.
Apple Inc.N/AUSAJobvite Intelligent MessagingYesProvides mobile application hosting.
Aspen Technology, Inc.N/AUSATalemetryNoObtaining content from customer public websites for use in Talemetry product.
Atlassian OpsGenieN/AUSAAll productsNoProvides operational alerting
Auth0, Inc.N/AUSAJobvite Intelligent MessagingYesProvides user authentication.
Canvas Talent, Inc.N/AUSATalemetry Text and ChatYesAffiliate (100% owned by Jobvite) provides SMS and Chatbot processing
CloudMillsN/AUSAJobviteYesHRIS integration partner
Daxtra Technologies LtdN/AUKJobvite, TalemetryNoHosted by Talemetry. Daxtra does not have access to the data.
Fivetran, Inc.N/AUSAJobvite, TalemetryYesProvides cloud-based database Extract-Transform-Load tool
FullContact Inc.N/AUSAJobvite Intelligent MessagingYesProvides content from social sites.
Functional Software, Inc. dba SentryN/AUSATalemetry Refer and MobilityYesError Tracking
Google Inc.N/AUSATalemetryNoProvider of candidate search processing and maps
Google Inc.N/AUSATalemetry Refer and MobilityYes, as provides IaaSProvides hosting IaaS
Google Inc.N/AUSARolePoint MobilityYes, as provides IaaSProvides hosting IaaS
Hanu Software Solutions Inc.N/AIndiaTalemetryNoProvider of manual job posting service
Harman (Samsung)N/AIndiaJobvite and TalemetryYesFlexible staff augmentation
IBM Inc.N/AUSATalemetry Text and ChatYesProvides AI processing for Chatbot
Jobvite, Inc.N/AUSAJobvite, TalemetryYesProvider of ATS product services and support staff
Lunaweb Gmbh (CloudConvert)N/AGermanyJobvite Intelligent MessagingYesProvides document conversion
New Relic, Inc.N/AUSATalemetryNoProvides application monitoring
Papertrail Inc.N/AUSAJobvite Intelligent MessagingYesProvides logfile management, Inc.N/AUSAJobvite and TalemetryNoCaptures user behavior in product
RolePoint, Inc.N/AUSATalemetry Refer and MobilityYesAffiliate (100% owned by Jobvite) which provides internal mobility and referral software processing.
RolePoint LimitedN/AUKTalemetry Refer and MobilityYesAffiliate (100% owned by RolePoint, Inc.) which provides internal mobility and referral software processing.
RolePoint LimitedN/AUKJobvite, TalemetryYes, if provided by a data subjectAffiliate (100% owned by RolePoint, Inc.) for EU GDPR contact service Inc. (Heroku)N/AUSAJobvite Intelligent Messaging, RolePoint MobilityYes, as provides PaaSProvides PaaS hosting
Sendgrid Inc.N/AUSATalemetryYes, email addresses and sent contentProvides email processing services in the Talemetry products
Snowflake Inc.N/AUSAJobvite, TalemetryYes, however only encrypted dataProvides cloud-based data warehouse services
Sovren Group, Inc.N/AUSAJobvite, Talemetry Refer and Mobility, Talemetry Text and ChatYesResume processing
StatusCakeN/AUSAAll productsNoExternal monitoring
Talemetry Inc.N/ACanadaJobvite, TalemetryYesAffiliate (100% owned by Jobvite) providing products, support, and services
TechSmith CorporationN/AUSAJobviteYesTools to manage customer support requests
Theorema Systems Inc.Gaspare BoscarinoCanadaTalemetryYesIndividual consultant that provides advanced hosting operations support. Works full-time and onboarded as if he was an employee (i.e. employee policies, background checks, annual security awareness training)
ThinkificN/AUSAJobvite, TalemetryYesLearning management platform
Timber Technologies, Inc.N/AUSATalemetry Refer and MobilityYesLogging System
Totango, Inc.N/AUSAJobviteNoManage customer support requests.
Twilio Inc.N/AUSATalemetryYes, content of SMS texts.Provides SMS text processing services in the Talemetry products.
UserVoice, Inc.N/ACA and NC USATalemetryCustomer Support Software embedded in the Talemetry Product. Note this would only receive PI if customer reports an issue or provides feedback through this functionality and includes PI.
Validity (BriteVerify)N/AUSATalemetryYesProvides email address validation.
Vimeo, Inc.N/AUSAJobvite Intelligent MessagingNoProvides landing page video hosting.
VonageUSAJobviteNoVideo service for video interview
ZadaraN/AUSAJobviteNoStorage system
Zoom.usN/AUSAJobviteYesProvides web meeting services.


SubcontractorIndividual Name (if applicable)LocationNotes
Atlassian Inc.N/AUSA and AustraliaProvider of case management, development and documentation systems
CalendlyN/AUSAProvides calendar management
Float into the CloudsN/ACanadaProvides SalesForce development and integration services
KnowBe4, Inc.N/AUSAProvider of security awareness training platform
LastPass, Inc.N/AUSAProvider of password management system
MetabaseN/AUSAProvider of business intelligence software
Microsoft Inc.N/AUSAProvider of email and file management services
Sage Intacct, Inc.N/AUSAProvider of accounting software Inc.N/AUSAProvider of sales and customer management software
Slack, Inc.N/AUSAProvides internal group chat product
Thinkific, Inc.N/AUSAProvides learning management system Inc.N/AUSAProvider of telephone and web meeting services