4 Reasons Why We Love Recruiters

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Where would we be without recruiters? On this National Recruiter Day, we wanted to celebrate all of the hard work that recruiters do, not only at Jobvite, but across talent acquisition (TA) as a whole. Whether they’re balancing hundreds of tasks in a day or ensuring candidates have a great experience interacting with their company–recruiters are always working to expand their skills and improve their organization’s hiring strategies. And we love them for it. In honor of recruiters everywhere, we sat down and thought of our top four reasons why we’re thankful for these TA professionals. We also spoke with some of our own talent team to get their stories and experiences straight from the world of recruiting.

Below are four (of MANY) reasons why we love recruiters!

Top 4 Reasons Why We Love Recruiters

They’re the BEST multitaskers

It’s no secret that recruiters have a lot on their plates. At any given time, it’s safe to assume that a recruiter has an overwhelming list of tasks to accomplish. We appreciate how much recruiters can get done in one day—from screening and messaging candidates to scheduling interviews and posting open requisitions. Our teams couldn’t expand so quickly without them! (Seriously, what’s the secret?) Our Head of Recruiting at Jobvite, Brianne Thomas, said it best,

“Recruiters are typically spinning many really important plates in the air at once and have to be able to create excitement in the market, pitch jobs, show up in the right places at the right time, manage the process, manage interpersonal dynamics, drive teams to decisions, and close candidates.” 

Rising to a challenge is where they thrive

Recruiting provides new problem-solving opportunities every day for recruiters. This might mean finding a flexible work schedule for a candidate or hiring for a brand-new role on a team. The pandemic brought a whole new series of challenges that recruiters had to overcome. One of the biggest was adapting to a remote or hybrid recruiting strategy. Recruiters utilized technology like texting and video conferencing to screen, interview, and hire top candidates remotely. They used technology to bridge the gap between their teams and the candidates they were trying to reach. Their dedication to growth and learning brings them new challenges every day. We appreciate that recruiters don’t shy away from a challenge and are always looking for ways to improve their skills.

Day in and day out, they help their communities

Something that we love about recruiters, especially at Jobvite, is their commitment to their communities. They look for ways to help and improve the community through volunteering and education. Our recruiting team is no exception! Thomas shared, ” Jaylan Fisher, Jobvite’s Associate Recruiter, is active in building the community as a co-founder of Black in HR in Indianapolis (Jobvite Headquarters), a speaker at Women in Tech events, and hosts resume workshops.”

“Josh Jones, Senior Recruiter at Jobvite, has become the infamous host of our company ‘Stranded with Josh’ sessions, interviewing the leadership team and bringing lots of fun to our virtual teams. He also sits on the board of Donaide.” 

Gaining new skills is an ongoing process for them

Whether learning about the newest in HR tech or working towards a new skills certification, recruiters are often looking for ways to improve their skills. And we want some of whatever they’re having! The world of recruiting is always changing and it’s up to recruiters to stay informed. Fisher shared her tips for continued professional development as a recruiter,

“My advice would be to never stop networking and never stop your professional development. There’s so much to learn from everyone that you meet as a recruiter. Ask questions, be engaged, and don’t be afraid to learn and apply new strategies from professionals within the recruiting space.”

Thank you, recruiters!

We’re especially grateful for everything that recruiters do to improve teams, acting as the gatekeepers to organizational growth and culture. They work endlessly to keep jobs filled, help onboard new employees, and exhibit employer brand out in the wild. Wishing you all a very happy National Recruiter Day! Although, when you’re a part of the HR and TA tech space, it’s almost like every day is National Recruiter Day.