Customers Love Jobvite’s Top Service and Partnership

Trust Radius Most Loved 2021

What we love the most is when we see talent teams winning the recruiting game. For example, customers like the TA team at Premise Health have seen a 20% increase in applicants leveraging our Recruitment Marketing Suite. This has allowed them to intelligently target specified audiences saving time and money.

And customer, UPMC, has seen explosive growth since partnering with Jobvite. These progressions have been especially exciting to see given the challenges within healthcare recruiting.

That is to say, we are lucky enough to have a front row seat to our customer’s successes and are head over heels when we get to help them win. Of course, it’s always a plus when the feeling is mutual.  

Based on customer reviews, TrustRadius has recognized Jobvite with a 2021 Most Loved Award! This award was determined by comparing mentions of “love” in all its (grammatical) forms to the total number of reviews received for each product on TrustRadius. Every review collected in 2020 was analyzed word by word across 18,648 products and 619 categories. Fifty products emerged as the winners of TrustRadius’ 2021 Most Loved Award, including Jobvite! You can read more about it in the announcement found here.  

TrustRadius called it—Jobvite customers are in on that love game

So, we went back and browsed our reviews from the last year. In other words, we are blushing.



What do Jobvite customers love most?

Great question! Which aspect of having a comprehensive TA solution at their fingertips do customers love most? Well, it’s different for everyone! 

Tools like Unify Advanced Analytics, Bias Blocker™, and Job Description Grader are examples of how Jobvite continues to grow with our customers centering our product efforts around rapid innovation and purposeful releases. Dashboards to track your talent acquisition metrics plus tools with lovely UI for mitigating bias and increasing inclusivity? Swoon.  

Our Talent Acquisition Suite helps you attract, engage, hire, onboard, and promote the talent your business needs to succeed. Then there’s also our award-winning Recruitment Marketing Suite, designed to ensure engaged, high-quality candidates are always waiting in the wings

Ease of use and partnership

But what we’re hearing from customers is that Jobvite stands apart when it comes to the ease of use, service, partnership, and care you receive after you realize Jobvite is for you. Whether via phone call, email, text, social posts, and yes, even thank you cards—it is amazing to see customers go out of their way to express gratitude for an excellent customer experience.  

We’ve been in the talent acquisition industry for 21 years and counting, yet are still speechless (and truly thankful) at these expressions of gratitude. Jobvite’s mission is to help people and companies grow, and we pride ourselves on not only delivering innovative, progressive talent acquisition tools for your team, but for partnering with you every step you take…every move you make.  ???? 

More from our customers


“Recruiting can be stressful, and the right software makes a huge difference. Jobvite is one of the most loved software products of 2021,” said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. “Jobvite earned a Most Loved award based directly on feedback from their customers. Reviewers highlight ease of use, candidate experience, and support from the Jobvite team.” 

From the bottom of our emoji hearts, thank you! ????