Reaching Your Talent Acquisition Team’s Full Potential with the EVOLVE TA

Evolve TA Framework

Modern recruiting is…take a deep breath….complex, multichannel, data driven, personalized, integrated, automated, intelligent, results based, and highly competitive. Whew! There are more adjectives we could add, but you get the point. Modern recruiting has a lot going on compared to the early days of cold calling or reactive, “post and pray” tactics to attract talent.

Talent Acquisition has evolved.

Organizations have grown to leverage and integrate their ATS with HCM software platforms. What’s better, C-suites now recognize the strategic value of talent acquisition. A recent SHRM study found that employers who excelled in recruiting experienced 3.5 times more revenue growth and 2 times the profit margin of other employers.

But something was still missing for many – the lack of an integrated framework and comprehensive strategy across the continuum of recruitment – from recruitment marketing to hiring and onboarding, within a TA ecosystem.

Recently, Jobvite hosted a popular webinar on to discuss the evolution of modern recruiting and how to assess and improve the maturity of your program with Jobvite’s free online tool – the EVOLVE TA Framework. Speakers included Pete Sanidas, VP, Enterprise at Jobvite and Janine Woodworth, Director, Strategic Consulting Services at Jobvite, and was hosted by Shanna Oskin, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Jobvite.

Below we provide just a sample of what was discussed. To get all of the detail – watch the webinar here.

How Are TA Programs Shifting?

As TA organizations mature, the structure is shifting. For instance, it’s hard to have full-cycle recruiters. One person alone cannot be responsible for everything from direct sourcing, to employment branding, messaging, and content creation, to operations and technology. Instead it’s evolving to teams of dedicated specialists that support recruitment marketing, application management, and TA operations.

Importantly, integrated technology stacks unite these modern teams, and amplify their efforts with intelligent automation and measurable results to help iteratively assess and improve their TA program.

This modern recruiting isn’t just doable for the “big guys.”  It is scalable, and achievable for many organizations.

EVOLVE TA Framework and The Pillars of Modern Recruiting

The EVOLVE TA Framework really looks at what modern recruiting is.  With EVOLVE, organizations emerge stronger, more efficient, and better able to adapt to the needs of the ever-evolving talent marketplace. From initial assessment to specific action plans, EVOLVE helps TA leaders identify and prioritize areas for improvement and prescribes action plans to optimize teams, processes, and technologies over time.

Jobvite’s EVOLVE TA Framework assesses your organization’s maturity across the three pillars of modern talent acquisition programs: recruitment marketing, applicant management, and TA operations.

  1. Recruitment marketing – We dig into how your organization posts jobs, how you market and conduct outbound outreach through campaigns and texting, how you are sourcing and engaging, and how you measuring what’s working and what’s not to get those applicants to convert and/or opt into your talent community.
  2. Applicant management – We look at whether your organization is able to quickly assess, manage and hire quality talent.
  3. Talent acquisition operations – We assess whether you’re optimizing TA operations to ensure your recruiting team is able to effectively deliver and measure results for the business. Are you managing your strategy proactively, or often just reacting?

The EVOLVE TA Framework is meant to go broad and deep into all of these best practices so we can help our customers, as well as the recruiting industry as a whole, move the needle.

Why Is It Important Organizations Leverage A Framework Like EVOLVE Now?

This year has highlighted how important it is for a business to quickly pivot. Organizations have gone through rapid change, whether they had to hire more talent at lightning speed, or put a halt on all hiring, everything has changed.

A company’s ability to react to change is directly impacted by how fragmented, or well-defined, their processes are. TA leaders right now are likely contemplating what’s next in terms of hiring demand, and don’t want to be caught on their back foot. Companies are motivated to build a strong foundation to continuously improve with a non-fragmented, ecosystem view of their TA program.

How Do You Prioritize Where To Start?

Jobvite’s EVOLVE TA Framework is an assessment you can take online in 8 minutes to help see where your organization is today in the 3 fundamental pillars and 17 process areas. You’ll receive your results instantly, and can talk to internal experts about how to start moving the needle on your score.

One thing to note – to get the most impactful business results, you need to align before you can act. We recommend bringing together cross-functional roles of the talent acquisition team to run through the assessment together. These diverse opinions can provide deeper insight and broader perspectives into you TA functions and priorities.

What’s the way forward for your TA program?  Take the EVOLVE self-assessment today  It’s the science of improving your organization. The art of growing your customers.