Recruiter’s Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems

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Businesses cannot survive without workers, and workers cannot come in without the process of recruitment. Without recruiters, your business cannot find qualified candidates to organize it. Hiring managers and recruiters together have a lot of work to do when looking for the perfect candidate.

This challenging and lengthy process is why recruiters require solutions that can help them organize and manage some crucial manual tasks. When you achieve this, you can allow them to connect with candidates and build their employer’s brand.

An applicant tracking system is the best way to help recruiters and hiring managers to organize the job application and hiring processes to pick the best candidates for your organization and employer brand.

There are several benefits to using an ATS, and with a comprehensive system like Jobvite in place, your business will rank at the zenith of success.

What is an applicant tracking system?

Some businesses have been slow in grasping the concept of ATS and its benefits. What is ATS? An ATS is a software solution that you can utilize to organize the application process. When you have a job applicant, the ATS will sort the data so that your hiring managers will quickly source their profiles and allocate them to specific positions.

This system ensures that your brand and the job applicants have seamless communications throughout the job hiring process. It also helps the company to strengthen its candidate’s pipeline and reduce your recruiters’ burden.

How does it work?

ATS makes the hiring process very smooth and straightforward. What is the hiring process? The typical hiring process requires several applicants to submit their profiles to a small group of recruiters. These recruiters and hiring managers have to sort through these profiles manually and interview almost all candidates to pick the best one.

However, this process becomes more manageable with the applicant tracking system, primarily if your brand uses the social media recruiting strategy. It is a system that is beneficial for both the recruiters and the applicants.

For job seekers, the system provides a safe and secure job application system. Not only will it consider them for the position they are applying for, but it will also store up their resumes for future job applications if they miss the current one.

Applicant tracking systems require recruiters to search for qualified candidates using keywords that fit the position they want to fill. The applicant tracking system will return the best-fit candidate resumes.

When they get these optimized resumes, they can then evaluate them based on their skills, work experience, location, educational qualifications, among other things. Then, they can connect with the applicant.

What are some ATS benefits?

An ATS has so many benefits to offer your business if you implement it into your hiring process. With it, you can hire qualified candidates quickly and assuredly through career sites. Check out some of the benefits below:

It saves time

More than half of job applicants are not qualified for the job requirements. Many of them only apply for the job with the hope that they can make it. With an ATS, your recruiters can quickly sort the unqualified candidates out, leaving room and time to vet the qualified ones well.

It works together with other software

You cannot make the most of your ATS if you do not integrate it with the other software you use in your business. Therefore, make sure to integrate its working process with your brand’s social media, website, HR software, job boards, among others. Doing this will ensure that your hiring process becomes very seamless and flawless.

It makes job posting easy

Your hiring managers can post information about a vacancy easily and quickly because of the software’s integration feature with your job boards. Without it, they might have to spend more time listing the features of the vacancy across several platforms.

It encourages collaboration

Sometimes the normal hiring process might bring in candidates that do not fit the bill of other stakeholders in the company. However, with an ATS, all stakeholders can make their input on the hiring process within the organization.

Not only will this help to find the best candidate that makes everyone comfortable, but it also removes the pressure of hiring from the chosen few who conduct the process.

It brings qualified candidates to the table

Since you can sort out unqualified candidates very easily, it means that you will only concern yourself with and build relationships with the few who can develop your company and ally with your goals.

Not only will it do this, but it will ensure that the application process for qualified candidates is straightforward and comfortable. Many candidates abandon the process because of the complications involved in applying for the job.

How do you pick the best ATS for your system?

You need to pick the right software for your business if you want to achieve anything fruitful. The right ATS will help you connect to the best candidates, which will promote development in your company.

Some steps to pick the best ATS for your company are:

  • Highlight the features you need from the software. Doing this will ensure that the software only searches for people that can fit into your business image.
  • You should vet options to compare them pick the software that fits your bill. Your best ATS solution software should be the one that provides the best solution for your hiring problems.
  • The last step is to pick the previous ATS standing and integrate it into your business operations.

Streamline your hiring process with Jobvite ATS

Today, technological advancements in the recruiting industry make finding and hiring the right employees for your business easier. Choosing the best applicant tracking software for your unique needs is key to reducing administrative stress and improving the effectiveness of your hiring process.

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