First Applicant Tracking System to Have Three LinkedIn Integrations

Jobvite + LinkedIn

Jobvite’s ATS is proud to be the first applicant tracking system to provide customers with three key integrations with LinkedIn: Unified Search, Recommended Matches, and Recruiter System Connect

We are singing from the talent acquisition rooftops this week as we launch new integrations with Jobvite and LinkedIn Recruiter. This integration provides the deepest connection with LinkedIn on the market today. With this month’s release, our latest integrations with LinkedIn are generally available, including the pre-requisite Recruiter System Connect (RSC), and the all-new Recommended Matches and Unified Search.

Given the race to win candidates over is back on like it never left, we know there is no time to duplicate candidate outreach efforts and toggle between systems. Recruitment only continues to demand intelligence and simplicity as talent teams face new challenges in working remote, dedicated focus on candidate experience, and the need to powerfully leverage candidate data in meaningful ways.

That is why Jobvite and LinkedIn partnered together powering multiple integrations—to save recruiters time while simultaneously improving the applicant experience. Our initial integration of LinkedIn RSC, which increases visibility into candidate information from LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobvite, is still at your fingertips ready to activate today for Jobvite ATS customers with a LinkedIn Recruiter license. In late 2020, we announced the expansion of our LinkedIn RSC integration into additional integrations, Unified Search, Recommended Matches, and Apply Connect – that help streamline the sourcing workflow and applicant experience.

The GREAT news is the first set of these all-new integrations, LinkedIn Recommended Matches and Unified Search, are now available to Jobvite and LinkedIn customers are already putting these tools to work. Our latest integrations will enable recruiters to shorten their time to hire by more quickly identifying quality applicants, and completely avoid the hassle of sourcing from disparate systems while on the never-ending quest to enhance their talent pipeline. And we can’t wait for you to get inside and try it for yourself!

If you’re ready to easily identify the most qualified candidates by searching top talent from both the LinkedIn network and your Jobvite ATS records in a single search, get started with these new capabilities today! Or, request a demo to learn more!