Want Quality Employees? Invest in Your Hiring Team

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A turbulent job market has left many employers with empty roles and stressed talent teams working non-stop to fill them with qualified candidates. Companies continue to face new challenges with low unemployment and high levels of job openings in the market. It’s more difficult than ever to find qualified talent, and recruiters are pressured to move quickly in the competitive environment.

To get more agile, enterprise organizations are shifting their focus to building their internal hiring teams and recruiting programs. Strategic companies see that happy, equipped talent acquisition professionals are the key to finding and hiring qualified candidates today.

Quality Talent Is Hard to Find

It’s not news that there’s a shortage of qualified talent in the job market, and candidate expectations for employers continue to grow as they remain in the driver’s seat. Companies of all sizes, especially large enterprises, have seen high levels of turnover, especially within their talent teams. Almost one third of recruiters are currently looking for a new employer — and many of these individuals mention the top reason for looking is access to better technology.

This environment has made it even more stressful for recruiters to do their jobs, especially if they don’t have the right tools. Quality recruiters are crucial to building a strong company culture of engaged employees who stay in their roles longer and are dedicated to driving company performance. That’s why talent teams need the best recruiting technology to manage the complexities of hiring in today’s market.

“81% of talent acquisition professionals indicate that attracting top talent has become more challenging over the past year.” -Jobvite”

Top Companies Have World-Class Hiring Teams

Hiring teams need the best technology and resources to help save time and effort in today’s competitive market. Recruiters are more stressed than ever and it’s up to companies to give them what they need to source, screen, interview, hire, and onboard top talent as quickly as possible. Today’s top companies have invested in their recruiting programs from top to bottom, and are seeing improved hiring outcomes as a result.

Why It Pays to Invest in Recruiting

Companies are investing in their hiring teams to build a better foundation of company culture and expand teams with quality employees. Below are five benefits that enterprise organizations have seen after prioritizing their recruiting programs and giving hiring teams the tools that they need.

#1: Reduced stress for recruiting teams.

81% of talent acquisition professionals indicated that attracting top talent has become more challenging over the past year. Companies are increasing their focus on recruiting programs, and it’s helping their recruiters hire better with less stress. Talent teams can have better interactions with candidates while finding qualified talent to fill open positions.

#2: Automation and AI tools save time, energy, and money.

According to Aptitude Research, 42% of recruiters reported that they don’t have the right resources that they need to be successful. Investing in technology like automation and AI software buys back invaluable time and effort for your talent team. Empower recruiters to adopt smart tools that save time and effort, giving them the chance to focus on the human aspects of recruiting.

#3: Shorten the feedback loop to stay competitive.

Strategic recruiting teams are moving from frustrating point-based solutions to a centralized talent acquisition platform that can handle the complexities of hiring in today’s market. Consolidating talent acquisition technology helps to shorten the feedback loop between candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers. With qualified candidates in short supply, talent teams must communicate quickly and effectively to stay competitive in the labor market.

#4: Solidify your recruiting trifecta.

The recruiting trifecta is the combined experience of recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates in your recruiting program. Winning talent teams have prioritized improving the interactions and experiences at every level of hiring — and it’s getting them the best hires. Companies are helping them achieve this through new technology, increased hiring budgets, and prioritizing transparency.

#5: Increased transparency with company executives.

Employers are improving company culture and hiring outcomes by analyzing their recruiting programs from start to finish. Centralized talent technology allows recruiters to get real-time data on key recruiting metrics and send reports to company leaders. This increased transparency between talent acquisition teams and company executives helps improve communication and hiring outcomes.

Invest in Your Talent Teams to Drive Business Outcomes

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