Candidate Engagement It’s time to start engaging candidates from first look to first day

A Candidate-Centric Approach to Recruiting

With unemployment at a 17-year low, candidates are now picking companies and not vice versa.  Using a single-channel approach to recruit for talent - just phone, or just email will not win you the war for talent . These tactics are more transactional than relational, and in today's day and age it's all about building strong candidate relationships.

Introducing Candidate Engagement

So how do you win the war for talent?

By adopting a candidate-centric strategy. We call this Candidate Engagement which puts candidates at the center of the recruiting process; where instead of managing requisitions you’re serving up remarkable candidate experiences; and where you’re engaging with candidates on an ongoing basis, in a personal way, from the first time they land on your career website to their first day on the job.

The best part is, with a Candidate Engagement recruiting strategy, recruiters can also reduce their time to fill.

How do you Implement a Candidate Engagement Strategy? Conversational Recruiting

Gone are the days of automated email messages and black hole application processes. Candidates crave personalization, a real conversation with recruiters and hiring teams alike.

With Conversational Recruiting, recruiters can easily implement a Candidate Engagement recruiting strategy, which enables recruiters to initiate and maintain a one-on-one dialogue with candidates through any channel. Conversational Recruiting creates an unbeatable candidate experience that also decreases overall time to hire.

After all, candidate communication needs to extend beyond a single channel. It’s about initiating and maintaining a multi-channel dialogue across multiple mediums, including: text, video, and social media to engage with candidates at every step of their recruiting journey.

It’s Time to Start Engaging Candidates in Real-Time Conversations

To be successful, recruiters need to start engaging with candidates on their turf and on their terms. With text-based recruiting, recruiters can not only keep the conversation going, but also encourage higher response rates from candidates.

On average, recruiters can disqualify in 52 seconds, and save 922 recruiting hours per year - reaching 10X more candidates per day than before.

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