Jobvite Helps Trustwave Ride Wave Of Recruiting Success


A clunky manual recruiting process

At a key juncture in their company growth, Trustwave needed talented employees to help them keep up with demand more than ever. But manual, spreadsheet-filled recruiting operations were holding them back.


Jobvite Talent Acquisition Suite

Trustwave leveraged Jobvite’s applicant tracking system, referral platform, candidate relationship manager, and onboarding tool to bring their recruiting program to new heights.



Cost savings, increased candidate quality, and improved time-to-hire

Thanks to Jobvite’s advanced, automated technology, Trustwave was able to quickly and cost-effectively bring in high-quality hires to help their business thrive.


A Security Tech Company in Need of a Recruiting Tech Upgrade

Since its founding in 1995, Trustwave has worked to maintain compliance and security for their customers. Now, over 20 years later, Trustwave has grown to nearly 2,000 employees located around the world, all of whom work diligently to ensure that customers in fields such as hospitality, financial services, and government are protected from cyber threats, data vulnerabilities, and other risks. And to continue providing their valuable services, Trustwave is always in need of highly skilled employees.

But with manual candidate tracking and spreadsheets weighing their recruiting team down, filling requisitions in an organized, timely manner was a challenge. Trustwave knew that in order to keep up with the company’s fast growth, they’d need to embrace a more agile solution. After investigating a handful of rival applicant tracking systems (ATS), Trustwave chose Jobvite due to its flexibility, excellent customer service, and ability to scale with their company as it grew.

A Platform of Jobvite Products for Every Recruiting Pain Point

With over 7 years investing in this partnership, Jobvite and Trustwave have grown together, says Mike Smart, Director of Talent Acquisition at Trustwave. First and foremost, Jobvite helped Trustwave with organizational issues like storing contact information, searching for candidates, and scheduling interviews.

As an organization in the compliance and security space, having this information safely stored and backed up in one centralized location is crucial for Trustwave.

“Given the nature of our work, we have to undergo compliance audits every now and then to make sure everything’s up to code. In fact, we had one not long after we first partnered with Jobvite,” Smart says. “It would have been nearly impossible if we were still using spreadsheets — that kind of data is suspect at best. But with Jobvite, we can easily show all of our information and demonstrate that there have been no material changes in our business and processes. That audit trail has proved to be monumentally important.”

But Jobvite hasn’t just helped Trustwave manage candidate information — it’s also helped them manage key workflows, allowing for a more collaborative hiring experience.

“Once we started with Jobvite, we developed a much more rigorous process,” Smart says. “Now, we can bring in other teams like finance and HR to help us plan and hire more proactively. Allowing different departments to weigh in has empowered them to drive growth in our organization.”

In fact, employees across the board began participating more in the hiring process, especially when it came to referrals — a critical component for a global company that employs people in 27 different countries and five continents.

“We often have to hire in other countries where language and cultural differences make recruiting a challenge. Most companies choose to deal with that by using an agency, but the fees are high and can very quickly prohibit growth,” Smart says. “With Jobvite, though, we’ve seen a lot of unexpected success in recruiting for international markets. We can deputize employees to share open jobs to their social media pages and reach members of their network in Toronto, Mexico City, Warsaw, and Japan.”

And once Trustwave has interested candidates in the CRM system, Jobvite Engage makes it easy to reach out to them.

“A lot of recruiting is relatively long-term — you need to build and maintain a connection with candidates. Jobvite Engage helps us create a pool of talent and then nurture them. And with all of that information in one location, we can divide tasks amongst ourselves and hand them off as needed,” Smart says. “Jobvite Engage even allows us to stay in touch with top-tier candidates who missed the final cut by the skin of their teeth, so we can reach out again if a relevant position opens. It’s a much better way to go about recruiting than just posting a job and waiting for people to come to you.”

After years of successes with Jobvite, Trustwave continues to further capitalize on the latest innovative offerings. Most recently, the team signed up for Jobvite Onboard.

“With each new Jobvite product offering we’ve put them to work with positive experiences,” says Smart. “And with Jobvite Onboard, we’re looking forward to streamlining our new hire processes even more.”

A Fast-Growing, Cost-Efficient Company with Top Notch Talent

In addition to streamlined operations and improved candidate relationships, Jobvite has helped Trustwave see significant cost savings. Smart estimates that recruiting in-house with Jobvite rather than using an agency saves the company at least $500 per hire.

And alongside this reduction in cost is an increase in quality.

“Our internal referral process with Jobvite has been a game-changer,” according to Smart. “Employees know what it takes to work at Trustwave, and Jobvite allows them to reach out and refer the friends and colleagues that they know would thrive here. In the end, referred candidates are more likely to get hired and stay longer since it’s a better match. It makes everyone’s jobs easier.”

All of this has allowed Trustwave to keep their company headcount apace with the demand for their services.

“Without Jobvite, we wouldn’t have grown as much — it’s allowed our processes to mature,” Smart says. “It’s really been a natural progression for us.”

About Trustwave

Trustwave helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risk. With cloud and managed security services, integrated technologies and a team of security experts, ethical hackers and researchers, Trustwave enables businesses to transform the way they manage their information security and compliance programs. More than three million businesses are enrolled in the Trustwave TrustKeeper® cloud platform, through which Trustwave delivers automated, efficient and cost-effective threat, vulnerability and compliance management. Trustwave is headquartered in Chicago, with customers in 96 countries. For more information about Trustwave, visit

"Once we started with Jobvite, we developed a much more rigorous process. Now, we can bring in other teams like finance and HR to help us plan and hire more proactively. Allowing different departments to weigh in has empowered them to drive growth in our organization."

Mike Smart
Director of Talent Acquisition, Trustwave

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